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Handicraft with children: umbrella made of paper

Cut, fold, glue – the small umbrellas are perfect for kids who enjoy crafting paper and, of course, have some patience to fold the pieces of paper. Even if you need to help your child a bit, this guide is just a great crafting experience and trains the fine motor skills of the little ones immensely. You can work with different colors and sizes and make the colorful umbrellas again and again – creativity is therefore limitless.

Crafts with children: umbrella made of paper

Material for a paper umbrella

  • colorful paper Upcycling-Tip
    Instead of craft paper, you can also use wonderful old sheet music or book pages for the cute umbrellas!
  • Compass and scissors (hint: a circle cutter is a practical alternative)
  • Glue
  • stable, flexible wire
  • small jewelry pliers
  • Clothespins for fixing

Instructions: Step by step to the umbrella

  1. Cut out eight circles for an umbrella. The diameter depends on the paper thickness, but 10 to 11 cm are a good guide, so you get a stable screen and the paper still remains very foldable.
  2. Fold each circle twice, leaving a quarter at the end.
  3. Then glue each piece diagonally in the middle, fix with a clothespin to dry. Then glue the dried quarters together on the two folded edges. For this, the fully folded page must point to the middle and the two folded down.
  4. Turn the wire up with the small pliers to an eyelet, this will be the holder to attach the umbrellas can. Screw the lower part to a typical handle of a cane.
  5. Then unfold the screen, glue the wire in the middle and glue together both sides of the screen. Finished!
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