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The company offers you a loan subject to credit review, which means that before approving your application your financial background will be evaluated in the system, your level of compliance in the payment of the installments corresponding to previous credits, your level of income, among other points.

Remember that the annual effective rate is the real cost to take for the interest rate, which determines the value of money over time. But in a personal loan of these characteristics, it is not the only cost that you have to consider, since you also have taxes, commissions and others. To consider all these values, you have to take the total financial cost, which in this case is 99.47% per year, calculated on the annual nominal rate.

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An individual loan can be an unsecured loan that does not need a conventional credit always check or a property to be set up as collateral in order to qualify.

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13 Dec2019
Bad credit loan online -Internet loans for people with bad credit: Application

A convenient company for taking payday loans via the internet and the speed with which loan companies transfer cash to the account of borrowers make online loans so popular. Internet loans for people with bad credit: 100% Secure Online Application The process of applying for internet loans for bad credit via is simple. When specifying…


05 Nov2019
Who is liable for joint borrowing?

Those who work together as a couple to obtain a loan may benefit from borrowing advantages because the loan can be granted more easily and on better terms. However, spouses or life partners must also be aware of how liability is regulated in the event of separation or divorce. Borrowing as a couple can be easier…


24 Oct2019
Marketplace Lending Credit Losses

At the same time, the conditions for the industry are better in Sweden than in any other country. In Sweden, we have social security numbers, mobile Banko, UC and other information companies, the Swedish Criminal Investigation Agency and a culture of repaying our credits. The fact that we have extremely good conditions in Sweden becomes…


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