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Origami Inspiration, a selection of the most beautiful Instagram accounts

When origami takes over Instagram!

Dear readers,
You may already know it but throughout the year 2014 I realized the artistic project # 1OrigamiParJour ( # 1OrigamiADay ) on Instagram. Every day I made an origami, I put it in scene and I took a picture to post it on Instagram and other social networks. If you want me to tell you about it in a future article, do not hesitate to leave a comment. In any case I, what I want to talk to you today, are the excellent similar projects that I discovered on IG during my project. It is always difficult to make a selection, that’s why I am restricted to the most aesthetic projects, that I let you discover without delay!

When you start such a selection, it can only be by @white_onrice , THE # 1OrigamiParJour par excellence project and the biggest origami account on Instagram, with more than 83,000 subscribers! I am @white_onrice and more precisely its author, Ross Symons, since the beginning of his project, started like me in January 2014 and I witnessed his meteoric rise. What a beautiful proof of interest for origami!
Always with the same rigor, Ross folded a different origami EVERY DAY for 365 days and put on line with a shooting on white background, the time of folding and the name of the author of the model. If the choice of models did not follow a particular logic at the beginning, Ross quickly worked with a new theme a week. Today, Ross Symons continues to fold origamis but he now takes pictures of them in the beautiful landscapes of his city, Cape Town, South Africa, with the hashtag #OrigamiInTheWild .
Also find @white_onrice on Facebook and on its official website.

Now here is Wenche Lise Fossland’s @wenlise_fold account. This passionate origamist is not only talented with his hands but extremely talented for staging. Her delicate and refined compositions have always fascinated me. Through the use of natural elements such as branches, berries, herbs, flowers, stones, Wenche Lise very poetically suggests the natural environment of the animals she bends. His compositions are very pure, very Scandinavian and humor is hiding in many of his photos. To discover absolutely!
Also find the folds of @wenlise_fold on his online store.

In a completely different atmosphere, I end with the excellent account @ccfaitdessiennes . Welcome to the punchy, colorful and very geometric world of Céline! A universe that is reminiscent of the street artist Mademoiselle Maurice I already had the honor to meet and which I will talk about in a future article. With just 173 photos, Céline already has over 2,500 subscribers. And it’s not ready to stop. Everything is beautiful and gives fishing. Balls, lanterns, pyramids and windmills are stealing the limelight, not to mention the caramboles Celine loves. I adore !

I hope this little taste will make you want to browse these three Instagram accounts. They are really worth it, trust me!

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