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Tinker with clothespins

No matter whether young or old, young or old: football will probably not pass any of us without a trace. Children are playing outside in the garden, older siblings are on the football field every week and are cheered on by the whole family. At the latest to the World Cup we are all then in football fever. While we wait for the next game to kick off, we pass the time with a round of foosball. The self-made football table made of cardboard and clothespins is guaranteed to appeal to even the smallest kickers. The instructions for this idea can be found below.

Table football with clothespin players

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With this self-made table football, nothing stands in the way of the next kicker game and extensive tournaments with friends. What do you need for crafting the mini-kicker? Actually only a cardboard box, clothespins and round wooden sticks. Already the fun can start!

Crafting instructions foosball table


  • an empty shoebox (30 cm x 20 cm)
  • green cardboard for the lawn
  • 12 large clothespins made of wood
  • 12 small clothespins made of wood
  • 6 wooden sticks (5 mm diameter, 40 cm long)
  • 6 rubber bands
  • colorful and white acrylic paints
  • brush
  • a scissors
  • a marble
  • 2 empty garlic nets
  • duct tape
  • Cuttermesser

How to do it:

  1. Cut out of the green cardboard a 30 x 20 cm large lawn and paint a playing field with white paint on the paper. Then stick with craft glue in the box.
  2. Using a craft knife, cut out a 10 x 7 cm gate on each side of the box and secure the garlic nets behind the two gates with adhesive tape.
  3. Give players a fancy jersey by painting them with colorful acrylic paints. Each team has five kickers wearing the same jersey. The two goalies can each miss a different color. Then let the characters dry well.
  4. For the wooden sticks, pierce six holes on each side of the box. Make sure that the holes are evenly distributed and at a height. Now insert the wooden sticks through the prepared holes.
  5. Now it comes to the lineup! Attach the painted kickers the way you would like. For a better grip makes some hot glue on the wooden rod. The clothespins should hang on the bars just above the ground.
  6. So that the wooden sticks do not slip out of the holes during the game, each bar end is wrapped with a rubber band.
  7. The twelve small clothespins can be stapled at each goal as a score to the edge of the cardboard.

Ready is the creative, self-made table kicker!

Your children can also participate in the crafting fun. For example, let them paint the players. However, only adults should work with the craft knife and the hot glue gun. With this great idea even smaller children become real professionals in table football! Are you looking for other great craft ideas and creative ideas? Then let yourself be inspired by our many other craft instructions .

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