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Which paper to choose for origami?

If you read my various articles on origami creation , you could discover my methods of folding paper and the methodology to follow to make your creations.

I have not yet mentioned the necessary material to accompany you in your work, I am partly remedied thanks to this article!

How to choose the right paper?

In theory, it is possible to take any type of paper to create an origami. Only the texture is important as well as the weight of the paper that will ensure a good performance. I advise for example to choose a paper with a minimum grammage 70 g / m².

The size of the sheets of paper, is it important?

The size of the paper is of absolutely no importance to the success of your folding. On the other hand, it will condition the type of folding you want to achieve.

Size for modular folding:
For bends that consist of creating multiple elements (modules) to assemble them, we will choose a size of 7.5 × 7.5 cm

Origami size for beginner level:
To create simple and accessible models that will allow toddlers to create their first folds, we will choose a size of 15 × 15 cm. This size is perfect for initiation while limiting the risk of errors.

Mid-level origami size:
For intermediate level folding, we will choose sheets with a size of 20x20cm.

Size for origami level confirmed:
The most experts in the field will prefer sheets of paper of a size of 30x30cm and more. This is the minimum to be comfortable with figures that will require tens or even hundreds of bends.


Where to buy origami paper?

Like any passion, the art of folding can quickly be expensive. If you start, know that you will do dozens of times your folding and throw paper (that you can recycle paper mache for example) before getting the perfect figure. If you are an expert in the field I do not teach you anything about it (thank you the wastebasket).

Today, I discovered a site for origami shopping : this is a new online store that offers a wide selection of paper sheets for origami.

Canson paper, kraft paper or specialty paper can be found at office stores and paper mills. But after comparing, in addition to being pretty, it’s really cheap origami paper that is sold on the shop

The little extras of the site:

  1. Delivery in 24 / 48h depending on the date of your order
  2. Free delivery from 49 € purchase. My advice is to take a look at accessories if you want to optimize your order.

And you, how do you choose your origami paper?

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