Arsenal move into pursuit of £ 30million Andrea Belotti move from Turin



Arsenal look like they are breaking new records this summer without even lifting a finger as the number of players they’ve been linked to this window is soaring to triple digits. While there are always rumors galore, Andre Belotti is joining the ever-growing list of fantasies.

The reason Arsenal have been linked with an outrageous number of players is directly attributed to the sheer volume of work to be undertaken. Looking for key additions this window, they are also gearing up for an unprecedented number of departures.

An exodus from the midfielder is due while in the whole team exits are expected in almost all departments.

Meanwhile, a defender and midfielder continue to tiptoe across the finish line.

More than Pain in the Arsenal

Arsenal enter race to transfer £ 30million Andrea Belotti from Turin as Arteta reportedly fancy Italian striker in summer transfer window

In the center-forward role, there were very few developments. Alexandre Lacazette’s future has cooled, with the Frenchman not close to having his future confirmed – at least from an external point of view – while Eddie Nketiah has rejected a contract extension in the north from London, according to Athleticism, and will now be sold.

Dream targets like Alexander Isak have been mentioned on occasion, but there is nothing concrete in such a move and any deal would be financially embarrassing.

But what about the Italian strikers? There hasn’t been one related to the Gunners this summer yet, so luckily bingo cards can be filled with the latest in a series of rather ridiculous suggestions.

Next on the treadmill is Andrea Belotti.

Maybe it’s because his introduction against Austria helped shift the momentum of Italy’s round of 16 in favor of Roberto Mancini’s side? Perhaps, since he earned the flavor of the time tag with an appearance in which he won duels, unsettled the Austrian defender four and looked sharp.

Based in Turin Tuttosport decided to join in the speculative fun by stating that Arsenal are considering a move for the 27-year-old to jump on his current contractual situation. With only a year left to complete his contract with Turin, the club captain will be put up for sale for € 34m (£ 29m), a project the Gunners are considering .

Are they really, however?

Almost certainly not, no. Even by Arsenal’s standards, it would be different from them to spend so much money on a striker with 12 months left on his contract after a 13-goal season in Serie A.

Belotti is averaging 0.46 goals per game in Turin for a record of almost one in two, solid numbers for a side that have not been far from European places in recent seasons and have only finished a place above the relegation zone last season.

The Italian is a brutal finisher, has a two-foot shot like a traction motor and holds the ball well. He is, in all respects, a leading Serie A striker: Belotti carries the ball in great volume, scores in the 99th percentile for two of the four stock creation plans and has a history of consistent top-level rating.

This link, however, screams “nonsense” from a few questionable Italian sources. All the rave in 2017, here in 2021 it has no legs at all. Would he be in his place at Arsenal? A new-style fake striker who is strong in the air would always fit, that just won’t happen. It’s a lot of money to wait then to see how it fits into the Premier league. Another to add to a pile that will continue to grow.

Who’s next, then?


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