Bad credit loan online -Internet loans for people with bad credit: Application

A convenient company for taking payday loans via the internet and the speed with which loan companies transfer cash to the account of borrowers make online loans so popular.

Internet loans for people with bad credit: 100% Secure Online Application

How do you get payday loans online?

The process of applying for internet loans for bad credit via is simple.

When specifying the parameters of our loan, information automatically appears related to the sum of fees, i.e. the amount of all costs that we will pay for granting payday pay, the total amount we will have to pay back and the abovementioned APRC. The next step is to enter our personal data into the loan form. Some loan companies may additionally ask us about the amount of income we generate, as well as the level of fixed expenses, in order to get a picture of our financial situation and on this basis assess the ability to repay the commitment.

It is extremely important to correctly fill in our data in the loan application because it is thoroughly verified and every error may be the reason for a negative decision related to the grant of payday loans online. All required information should be provided fairly. Although the vast majority of quick loan applications in the non-banking sector are positively verified, since loan companies provide payday loans via the Internet-based on decidedly more liberal criteria than banks do, this does not mean that our data is not checked in the most popular debtors’ databases.

Payday loan online

Payday loan online

After completing the online application for instant payday and receiving information with a positive loan decision via SMS or e-mail, we will have confirmation of the submitted data. In order to verify our identity, we will be asked to make a transfer from our personal account in the symbolic amount of PLN 0.01. If everything is correct, the loan company will immediately provide us with cash directly to the same account. We will be able to spend the funds for any purpose and payday payment via the Internet just as quickly and conveniently to pay off from the next payment next month.

Who is liable for joint borrowing?

Those who work together as a couple to obtain a loan may benefit from borrowing advantages because the loan can be granted more easily and on better terms. However, spouses or life partners must also be aware of how liability is regulated in the event of separation or divorce.

Borrowing as a couple can be easier

money cash

Often, two cohabitants opt for a joint expense or purchase to take out a loan . This can be a new car, a big trip or even a real estate loan. Often, when a couple wants to take out a loan, it brings benefits: joint liability often makes the loan easier to approve because the pair collectively offers more collateral than a single borrower. Since the interest rate depends on the credit rating, savings can be made here if the creditworthiness of the two life partners is rated higher together. When borrowing, therefore, both partners must present proof of income and agree to a review of their creditworthine

ss. However, if one of the partners has a poor credit rating, it can have a negative impact. In this case, the couple should check whether it makes sense to borrow together. Incidentally, it makes no difference to the loan agreement whether the two persons are married or live in a household. Basically, even two friends can take a loan together, a marriage-like or kin relationship is not a condition.

How the liability of the life partner is regulated

If the loan agreement is signed together, both partners are liable – even in the event of a separation or divorce. If one of the partners does not settle its part of the debt, the bank can claim the full payment from the other borrower. Thus, a common borrowing is always associated with a certain risk. Even if a couple has taken out a real estate loan together and separates, both partners have to pay the installments – even if one of the partners no longer uses the home.


money cash

However, if only one partner has taken out the loan for a joint purchase, he bears the liability alone – even if the purchase is shared. The payment to the bank is always made also for jointly borrowed loans in a monthly installment of one account. If the installments are borne together, the couple must then settle among themselves who transfers their share to whom.

Marketplace Lending Credit Losses

At the same time, the conditions for the industry are better in Sweden than in any other country. In Sweden, we have social security numbers, mobile Banko, UC and other information companies, the Swedish Criminal Investigation Agency and a culture of repaying our credits. The fact that we have extremely good conditions in Sweden becomes evident when we listen to foreign players in the same industry. We have just returned from a large USDopean conference on Marketplace lending and we realize how good our conditions are in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Marketplace lending is significantly greater in the US and the UK than the industry in Sweden. 

money loan

In the US and the UK, marketplace borrowers in 2015 funded loans for USD 30 billion. In Sweden, the total market for consumer loans amounts to USD 200 billion. It says some of the potential that exists for Dan Malo.

A major theme at the Lendit conference this year was how the industry is affected by a recession.

money loan

As many companies in the industry are new, our business models have not been tested in a recession. Apa is one of the leading players in the UK in the Marketplace lending for consumer loans and started before the financial crisis in 2008. What we can see is that their lenders did not lose any of their invested capital during one of the worst financial crises we have experienced in modern history. Apa’s loan losses increased to 4.5 percent in 2008, but already in 2009, credit losses were down 1.5 percent. Thus, during this period, their lenders had a positive return on their capital while many other asset classes crashed.

Dan Malo offers only the most creditworthy borrowers to borrow and our expected loan losses are at 1 percent on an annual basis.

money loan

The Swedish market offers significantly better conditions for lending than most other countries and a comparison with Swedish players in consumer credit is the most relevant for Dan Malo. To see how a recession would affect our credit losses, we have looked at the Swedish niche banks, which in 2008 had a portfolio of consumer loans. What we can see is that, on average, credit losses increased to 2 percent in 2008 and 2009. As our lenders have an average return of 6 percent, credit losses must increase by more than 6 times (credit losses must be above 6 percent) for credit losses to affect invested capital. For your lenders who have our Autoinvest accounts, there is also the credit loss fund which covers up invested capital in the event of any loan losses.

The diagram above shows a weighted average of Swedish niche banks’ credit losses during the period 2006 to 2015. The diagram also shows Apa’s credit losses during the same period.

Payday loans check cashing -Simple and quick payday cash loan


We have a wide range of various cash loans available on both the banking and non-banking markets. How can we choose the one that will be the most beneficial? What parameters should I pay attention to then? Is there a perfect loan – perfect for every customer?

We can now borrow money very easily both at the bank and from non-bank loan companies. Cash loans enjoy the greatest interest then because thanks to them we are able to obtain funds for practically every purpose.

The market is teeming with loan offers – therefore many people who want to use them are wondering what to pay attention to in order to be satisfied. So what is the best cash loan characterized? We invite you to check with us!

Simple and quick payday cash loan

But let’s start with the basic information about cash loans, namely what they are, what goals can be used, how much we can then borrow, for how long, and who can take advantage of such an offer.

A cash loan is the simplest and most frequently chosen form of a loan, which in Polish law is defined in the Civil Code. According to it:

“Through a loan agreement giving a loan he undertakes to transfer to the owner of the recipient a certain amount of money or things marked only to the species, and the taker undertakes to return the same amount of money or the same amount of things of the same species and the same quality. In the case of loans with a value of over PLN 1,000, the contract should be concluded in writing (for purposes of proof) “- art. 720 of the Civil Code.

Importantly, we can conclude a loan with various lenders – it may be a bank, it may be a credit union or a non-banking loan company. We can also borrow money from family, friends or even from unknown people. All these transactions are then referred to as loans.

Most often, however, loans are taken out in banks and loan companies, which we can do now both online and in stationary outlets. There is also the possibility of using so-called home service.

You can also think about using our services specializing in quick payday cash loans. He will be able to perform the analysis of our creditworthiness for free, and then select the most attractive offers – the final decision, of course, depends on us.

For any purpose

The big advantage of cash loans is the lack of the need to determine their purpose, i.e. the funds obtained can be used for any purpose, for example:

– renovation

– purchase of home furnishings

– occasional event device

– making the shopping you need

– a holiday trip

– covering your debts

The lender will not then ask us what we intend to spend, so we can use them at will.

Easily accessible

Also, a plus of cash loans is their fairly easy availability, which in particular applies to loans offered by non-banking loan companies. Therefore, we do not need to comply with excessive requirements in order to receive the funds we need – that is why cash loans are often also called loans as evidence because it is the only document to provide the lender.

The easy availability of cash loans is also characterized by the ability to obtain them online. We have such an option both at banks and non-bank lending companies. Thanks to this, we can get money practically without leaving home.

How much can we borrow?

Depending on the offer, a cash loan allows us to borrow from 100 zlotys to even several hundred thousand zlotys. In principle, however, these loans amount to less than PLN 10,000 in non-bank loan companies and up to PLN 50,000 in banks.

It is worth noting that the amount of the cash loan depends on the creditworthiness of the person requesting it, so the higher the loan is, the more it will be borrowed.

What is the repayment period for cash loans?

The repayment period of a cash loan also depends on the selected offer, which is why it can range from a month to even 10 years.

The fastest way to pay off is a weekend payday loan, for which the contract is concluded only for one month. Non-bank installment loans allow you to obtain money for up to an average of 2 years, while in banks the maximum repayment period can be as much as 5-10 years.

It is also worth noting that the longer the loan repayment period, the higher its cost, which results in particular from the interest rate on the loan. If we want it to cost us less, we can shorten the repayment period, but on the other hand, we also need to have the right creditworthiness to settle the obligation on time.

Therefore, cash loans are an interesting offer when we need additional funds for any purpose. But how do you find the best loan?

The best cash loan – or what?

The main purpose of a cash loan for the customer is to obtain appropriate funds safely and on convenient terms. In turn for the lender, it is to obtain an attractive income. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an offer that will be beneficial for us.

Therefore, we must remember that a good cash loan must have a number of parameters. What should we pay special attention to then?

The most important parameters of a cash loan:

– low costs

– favorable conditions

– easy availability

– quick withdrawal of money

– safety

Below we present detailed information about what is behind these parameters, and what we should pay special attention to when considering them.

Low costs

Above all, a good loan is a loan that will be cheap. Therefore, it should not entail high expenses related to repayment, i.e. it should not be an excessive burden on the borrower’s budget.

Loan costs are conditioned by a number of different factors – both by subsidiaries and independent of banks, for example by legal standards.

Loan costs include:

– interest rate – interest

– commission on granting the loan

– preparation fee

– payment for processing the application

– insurance fee

– verification transfer

It is worth pointing out that not every loan has all the above costs. First of all, they are interest and commission, while the rest is dependent on the selected loan offer.

Today in comparison of the cost of loans, we can help us with calculators placed on the lenders’ websites – just select the amount and loan repayment period to find out how much it will cost, broken down by individual fees.

To compare the cost of loans even easier, you can also use a parameter such as APR (real annual interest rate). It defines the total cost of the loan incurred by the consumer expressed as a percentage of the total loan amount per annum. Thus, APR covers not only ordinary interest but also other loan costs.

We should compare the APRC for loans with the same parameters – amount, repayment period, installment type (decreasing, equal). The actual annual interest rate at the lower level means a cheaper loan.

Attention! If we do not repay the loan on time, there may also be additional costs, such as the interest for unpaid liabilities, costs of reminders, fees for debt collection, and finally court and bailiff costs. Information on these costs can be found in the contract or attachments included with it.

Convenient conditions

Another condition that should meet the best cash loan is its favorable conditions, so the loan should be easy to take by the customer.

As mentioned earlier, currently cash loans are generally easy to obtain, but banks and non-bank loan companies have slightly different requirements for their clients. It is worth getting acquainted with them before submitting the application in order to increase the probability of its positive consideration.

To obtain a cash loan, we must meet a number of conditions that may be more or less restrictive. They depend not only on the offer itself but also on the requested amount and the selected repayment period.

The main conditions that must be met in order to receive a cash loan:

– adulthood and age limit

– possession of an ID card

– permanent residence on the territory of Poland

– having the appropriate creditworthiness

– having the required security

– in the case of online loans – having a bank account, preferably online

– the need to purchase an insurance policy

Of course, we do not usually have to meet all of these requirements, so it is best for them less, the better for a client who does not have to bother with getting the necessary documents, which also takes time and extends the waiting time for payment.

A good loan should allow you to get a payment from the age of 18 because some lenders apply limits from 22 or 23 years old. Older customers should check that the upper age limits do not apply.

Plus, it will be a quick and efficient creditworthiness test – it aims to determine if the customer is able to settle his loan obligations within the prescribed period.

The creditworthiness consists of many elements, including:

– the amount of the borrower’s income

– sources and regularity of this income

– current debtor’s charges

– the type and amount of the loan and the repayment period

– the borrower’s credit history

– the age of the borrower

– his education and position

– the borrower’s family and housing situation

– own contribution and additional security

Currently, most cash loans can be obtained only on the basis of an ID card, so there is no need to provide a certificate from the employer about earnings or other documents that confirm them.

However, it is very important to have adequate creditworthiness determined on the basis of credit history, which is included in the BIK (Credit Information Bureau) and BIG (Economic Information Bureaus) databases. In order to obtain a loan only as proof, banks and non-bank loan companies check clients in these databases – when information about them is positive, you can get a loan practically immediately.

Easy availability

The availability of the loan, namely the way we are able to obtain it, is also very important.

Today, to take out a cash loan, we do not have to leave the house at all, because we can also take it completely online. All you need is access to the network, as well as having a bank account with online access to carry out all the formalities related to the internet loan.

On-line loans can now be taken both at banks and non-bank lending companies, for example, we can apply for it at our company. It is worth noting, however, that online loans in banks are available mainly for their regular customers – if we do not have accounts for at least 3 months in a given bank, then we will usually have to go to a bank branch or order a courier to verify our data.

In addition to loans available online, we also have loans with home services. This offer is available only at selected non-bank loan companies. At that time, it is based on customer service at home – the loan company employee comes to the indicated address and signs the contract and pays the money there. The loan is also repaid in person – in cash in the hands of an employee arriving at the customer’s home.

Although home service is convenient, it is worth remembering that we will pay more for a loan than for a loan contracted at a stationary outlet or via the internet.

Quick withdrawal of money

For many customers, the quick withdrawal of money from a cash loan is also not without significance – it is best that it takes place immediately.

Currently, both banks and non-bank loan companies provide their clients with a short wait to process loan applications and allow them to pay out money almost at the same time, which applies to both fixed and online loans.

However, the condition for a quick withdrawal is positive creditworthiness, so if we do not meet the requirements of a bank or a loan company, the time of examining the application may be extended and we may also receive a refusal.

When we choose a fixed-line offer, the most often we can receive cash in hand at the company, unless we are interested in a bank transfer. However, it is worth remembering that cash loans in higher amounts are often not picked up at once – the bank must order money to the facility, which may take several days.

In the case of loans online, the payment is usually made to the customer’s bank account, which is indicated in the loan application. It is worth remembering, however, that posting dates for interbank transfers may extend the waiting time for funds. Therefore, it is best to choose loan companies that have their bank accounts in the same bank like ours, or those that use high-speed online payment systems.

Attention! Some loan companies also allow you to take advantage of online loans with the payment of money via a GIRO check. We carry out this check directly in the mail window – we show our ID for verification and then we receive funds in the form of cash.


When looking for the best cash loan, we can not forget about security issues. A good loan should not involve any risk for the client, therefore we must pay attention to whether the lender is trustworthy and what clients think about it.

Generally, bank loans are considered safe, but we should remember that not every bank can boast positive feedback from their clients. So let’s use the search engine and see if a particular offer is a really worth attention.

When we want to take out a non-bank loan, we should only choose those companies that have an established position on the Polish market. It’s a certainty that we can trust them. For sure, we can also look for opinions about them.

Do not use a cash loan if:

– we find a lot of negative opinions about the lender

– the lender is just starting its activity in Poland and we do not have much information about it

– when applying for a loan, we must make a larger payment or send an SMS to a high-paying number

– we do not find any information on the lender’s website – the name of the company, NIP, REGON, business address

Attention! We should never sign a loan agreement without first getting acquainted with its provisions. There is then the risk that we will agree to conditions that are unfavorable to us. In the loan agreement, you will find all the information about the cost of the loan, the amount to be repaid, the repayment schedule, as well as any additional costs that may arise during the contract. It is worth taking the time and getting to know the loan agreement or ask another person to do it for us.

Where for a loan – to a bank or non-bank loan company?

Therefore, a good cash loan should be characterized by low prices, should also be easily available and have favorable conditions, and at the same time should be safe and allow for quick payment of funds. Will we get such a loan in a bank, or maybe in a non-bank loan company?

In principle, currently, good loans can be obtained both on the banking and non-banking market. It often happens that non-bank cash loans are more advantageous than those offered by banks.

The most important thing is to get acquainted with various offers and choose the one that will be the most attractive because loan companies and banks are constantly competing for clients.

It is worth noting that if we are looking for a good online cash loan, it will be easier for us to get it in non-bank loan companies.

Is it worth using the calculators, rankings, and comparison of cash loans?

When looking for the best cash loan, we can also support a wide range of different tools available online. I am talking in particular about special loan calculators, rankings and comparators, which are available for free online.

Services containing such tools allow us to compare both bank and non-bank offers. Most often they contain basic information about the amount of the loan, the repayment period, borrowing costs or repayment terms. In the case of calculators, we can often calculate how much the installment will be for individual loans, so we can rank the offers from the cheapest to the most expensive.

However, it is worth remembering that online calculators, comparison engines and online loan rankings can mislead us. Many of them do not have up-to-date information on bank and non-bank offers, some do not collect all offers or they only promote selected ones, which can be misleading for the customer.

Therefore, we should remember that the most up-to-date information on loan offers, including their costs, can be found directly on the lenders’ websites and in their outlets.

How to get a loan?

Today the possibilities available for those who take out a loan are really varied, then, it is not only feasible to request financing in person at the branches of banks or any institution dedicated to grant loans, but also, are the loan platforms One hundred percent online and, in turn, the banks already allow you to process loans for Home Banking and ATMs. The latter option offered by Banco Santa Fe is the one we will talk about in the note of the day so that your clients have the necessary knowledge to take advantage of this exclusive advantage for them.

How to do a loan from Banco Santa Fe by ATM?

Banco Santa Fe’s ATM loans are obtained immediately in a very simple way, which is as follows

1. Go to one of the many ATMs that the bank has throughout the province of Santa Fe.

2. Enter the debit card at the cashier and enter the security code.

3. On the main screen, select the option that says “Loans / Investments”.

4. Then you should select where it says “Loan Request”.

5. Indicate the amount of credit and wait for the cashier to tell you if it is approved.

6. Withdraw cash.

How much money can be obtained with a loan from Banco Santa Fe by ATM?

The loans by automatic teller machine of Bank Santa Fe allow to request amounts of between ten thousand and five hundred thousand pesos to finance in a maximum term of seventy two months giving the possibility of canceling anticipated in the moment that the client wishes it with a commission of the three percent on the total loan.

On the other hand, if you are a client of the bank, you probably have a Home Banking user that is a means through which you can also request the same type of credit and you will not have the need to move from your home, in turn, the money It will be transferred to your account thus avoiding having to transport cash with all the risks that this implies.

What are the requirements to take out an ATM loan?


Banco Santa Fe does not ask for many requirements for those who want to take out an ATM loan , since, being a client of the bank, it already has all of its information in advance, being the only requirement that its loan be pre-approved and that leave the option to request a loan in the ATM menu.

How to get a salary advance by ATM?

salary, ATM

Any person who collects their salaries in an account at Banco Santa Fe may request an advance payment of one hundred percent by ATM . This alternative is also available for provincial retirees who receive their retirement at the bank. To request the advance through this means you must follow these steps:

  • Go to any bank teller.

  • Enter your debit card.

  • Enter your login key

  • Choose the option “Consultation / Requests”.

  • Then select “Requests”.

  • Then continue the process by entering where it says “Advance of Payroll”.

  • Enter the amount you want to request as an advance.

  • Press “OK”.

  • Remove your cash advance.

How to withdraw money from an ATM with a debit card from Banco Santa Fe?

First of all, you need to have a savings account or salary account in the Bank and have the Banco Santa Fe debit card. Then you just have to go to an ATM of the entity or the network of ATMs to which this belongs, enter your card, enter your personal password, enter the section of extractions and advances, select the type of account, enter the amount and withdraw the money. Remember that in this case it is not a loan, so, you can not get more money than you already have in your account.

Can a cash advance be made with the VISA credit card in Banco Santa Fe?

Yes, of course, anyone with a VISA credit card will have the possibility of taking a cash advance with their VISA at the Banco Santa Fe ATMs or at any bank that works with that brand. To do this, you must comply with the following instructions:

  • As always, it is necessary to go personally to the ATM of your convenience.

  • Enter your credit card.

  • Put your PIN.

  • Enter in the “Advances” menu.

  • Then you must indicate in what term you want to return the money.

  • Indicate the amount you wish to advance.

  • Wait until the cashier processes and hands you the money.

As for the amount of money you can withdraw, we will say that this depends on the limit you have on your card, in turn, it is possible that the cashier does not allow you to complete the quota and approve a smaller advance.

It is important to say that the advances with credit cards are, in fact, credits that have as an advantage the speed of disbursement which makes it an ideal option to solve emergencies but that, nevertheless, has funding costs of the highest in the market due to the high interest rates charged by the cards and the fees charged by the banks.

Therefore, if you have some time, it is often better to resort to a traditional personal loan can find in our article about how to simulate the best credits for people , whichever is of convenience.

Personal loans What is needed?

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos ?

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos ?

We know that applying for a loan can be a very cumbersome process. Going round and round, not knowing what documents are needed, what are the branches, how can the loan be requested, among others.

In this note, we will clarify some questions about how to require a loan in Crédito Argentino in the city of Rosario , Santa Fe. We will detail requirements, communication channels with the company and payment method of the installments.

What do customers think about the loans of Crédito Argentino in Rosario?

To go addressing the issue, we think it is important to know a little about the company and the image that those who request a loan in it take.

Crédito Argentino was born approximately in the year 1980 as a financing opportunity for salaried workers.

We were able to extract different opinions from clients from various forums. First of all, most people tell us about the kindness that the employees had to solve all their doubts and the attention they were given.

Many clients expressed their happiness of being able to access a loan with minimum requirements, and thus be able to fulfill their goals and objectives.

What to take into account to request a loan

request loan

We believe it is important to know what our payment capacity is to see if the fees will adjust to it and we will have the possibility to comply.

In Crédito Argentino the installments are paid in the following way: they expire month to month on day 05. This maturity does not have a surcharge, that is, we will pay the original amount of the quota. In case of not fulfilling the payment before that day, there is the possibility of paying them in two more maturities that will specify the monthly detail. These last two due dates if they have a surcharge.

There are several channels to make payments. First of all, it is possible to do it in the branches of Crédito Argentino de Rosario.

The obligation can also be fulfilled through Rapipago, Pago Fácil, or at any teller of the link network or at Banco Nación.

Finally, you can pay the fee through the internet through the website of pagomiscuentas or by attaching the invoice to the automatic debit.

In case of not receiving the monthly detail, we must contact the company to be sent.

What are the requirements to apply for a loan?


He has no difficulty in accessing a loan . To apply at Crédito Argentino in Rosario, it is essential to comply with the following conditions:

  • Work in a dependency relationship with a seniority of more than six months or through the monotributo system, or be retired (up to 75 years of age)

  • Submit a tax or service voucher on behalf of the applicant

  • Present ID (National Identity Document)

Can you apply online for a loan from Crédito Argentino in Rosario?

At Crédito Argentino it is totally viable to apply for a loan through its website. For this, after clicking where it says “loans”, you have to follow only three steps:

Ready! We complete the steps and now it only remains to go to the branch to withdraw the cash or request that it be credited to an account on our behalf.

Crédito Argentino: How to get a loan in Rosario?

There are other ways to obtain a loan from Crédito Argentino if we do not want to request it online. On the web page are detailed broad options that can be summarized as follows: as a first option we can call 0800 to communicate with someone to advise us; it is possible to communicate through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger; or as a last alternative, call or approach the branches that are in the rosary. These branches are located at the following addresses:

Why ask for a loan at Crédito Argentino in Rosario?

There are many reasons why we would need to access a loan . Maybe we want to start the pastry micro-enterprise that we always want and need financing. Or maybe we want to make the trip we always dream of and we do not manage to raise the necessary money.

We may need to access personal financing to buy that car we have seen a while ago, to buy a lot or build a house to finally become independent.

Or it can be, simply, that we need to face a debt that torments us or pay expenses that are presented to us in an extraordinary way.

For all these reasons, a loan can be our lifeline. And why do it in Crédito Argentino? Because it is a reliable, attentive and accessible company. In order not to be left with this only option, in Rosario we can compare it, for example, with Itaú bank.

When it comes to needing financing, it is possible to access it by means of a credit card or resort to a loan. Which one suits us?

In the event that we decide to require a loan, it is important to consider our possibilities.

Crédito Argentino is characterized by providing adequate care for each person. And, in addition, the company does not ask you to have a person as guarantor, which is very beneficial for those who do not want to commit to someone else.


What Advantages Do Cash Loans Offer?

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos ?: Credit Calculator


The company offers you a loan subject to credit review, which means that before approving your application your financial background will be evaluated in the system, your level of compliance in the payment of the installments corresponding to previous credits, your level of income, among other points.

Requirements to submit your credit application

Requirements to submit your credit application

To begin the process of obtaining the credit, you need to have your ID, plus a receipt for a tax or service in your name. It is also important that you are working blank, and have at least 4 years of seniority in your work.

The term of payment of the credit taken, you can select in a range of between 3 and 36 months.

The cost of financing is:

  • TNA or annual effective rate of 68.54% plus VAT

  • TEA of 94.75%

  • CFT including VAT of 99.47%.

Remember that the annual effective rate is the real cost to take for the interest rate, which determines the value of money over time. But in a personal loan of these characteristics, it is not the only cost that you have to consider, since you also have taxes, commissions and others. To consider all these values, you have to take the total financial cost, which in this case is 99.47% per year, calculated on the annual nominal rate.

If you take a loan to cancel within 3 months, with an initial capital of $ 3000, you will pay a fee composed of $ 1000 of capital to which you have to add $ 217. Interest and $ 45.66 VAT. It is a very competitive option and in accordance with the financing values ​​that can be obtained in other financial companies in our country currently.

A second option will be to request a loan for $ 6000 to be repaid within a 6 month payment period. In that case, you have a monthly fee composed of $ 1000 of capital to which you have to add $ 434.88 of interest, and $ 91.32 of VAT. The final amount of the fee will be $ 1526.20.

For credits of $ 10,000 to be repaid in a term of 12 monthly installments, you would pay $ 833.33 of capital, to which you add $ 724.79 of interest and $ 152.21 of VAT. The final value of the fee is $ 1710.33.

The requirements to apply for the credit of this company

The requirements to apply for the credit of this company

 I go ahead, are very simple, since you only need to have Argentine nationality, have a service on your behalf, work in a dependency relationship, with a seniority of at least 4 years. If you have to consult a particular point in relation to the services offered by this company, you can do so through WhatsApp to line 11 2529 0029. You can participate by the draw of tablets every month.

The maximum amount that the company allows you to apply is up to $ 45,000, but the final authorized value will depend on your income, in addition to the rest of the loans you have taken in the financial system. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you have a correct credit history, that there are no defaults, or delays in unjustified payments.

Another option to send your inquiries to the company is through the customer service line 0800 222 48 48 where the consultants of the company’s call center will give you all the answers you need before taking your credit. In this way the company accompanies you through the entire process, even before you take your first loan, so that you know all its characteristics and options.

The process of having your loan can start at the Cristal Cash website, where you are asked to enter your full name, along with your ID, email and a contact telephone number. You also have to provide an address that must then match the one you show on your proof of address, and the location where you live, as well as the data related to the company in which you work.

Consider that you have a maximum possible amount to approve depending on your credit evaluation that can be up to $ 45,000. At the time of submitting your application, as well as your background in the financial system, the maximum amount with which you can count is evaluated.

The company also has a large number of retailers, in which you can access exclusive promotions and discounts, which you can check in the blog of your website.

The mission of this company is to offer loans to its clients, with the objective that they can satisfy all their needs. For this, they have a vision based on obtaining the leadership of the Argentine credit market, as well as being a source of pride for all the people involved in their operations: their employees and clients.

If you need to take a credit, and meet all these requirements, you can approach in person to the office of the company in the city of Corrientes, or also start the process by any of the electronic channels that I mentioned.

If you want to know more about their characteristics or have advice at a particular point, remember that in this article you have a consultation section, where you can leave your question, and the advisors of our site will respond in minutes. In this way, you can compare between the options offered by the credit solutions of several leading companies in the financial market of our country, and start the contracting process from your home.

Loans to buy land

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If you want to buy land and are looking for loans to buy land , here we will compare several ways to finance the purchase of land.

The type of loan can vary depending on the use for which the land is needed, if the land is needed to build a house , the most recommendable financial product is a mortgage loan of autopromotor.

What is a mortgage loan of autopromotor? They are mortgages for the construction of homes on their own land. The most popular banks, usually have this type of financing available.

Depending on the cost of the site, you could even buy it through a personal loan. You can find several styles of house mortgages, depending on the interest rates. Like the mortgages of autopromotor of fixed interest or mortgages of variable interest, according to the Euribor. The most usual is to request a variable interest rate.

Loans to build a building .

If it is a loan to build a building , it is necessary to know that the land complies with all the regulations, conditions and a project, through the architect and necessary specialists. Once you have the project, go to the banks and compare the solutions offered by the different banks.

For this type of large-scale investments, it is highly recommended to request the services of a financial expert , with years of experience and demonstrable work.

Depending on the financial institution, different stages of the construction of the building can be agreed upon.

An alternative that you have to buy land, if it is going to be used for the construction business , is to look for venture capital companies that are willing to invest in the project.

Credits to buy land for agricultural use .

If it is a credit for farmers , you can try to get an IPON credit line. A type of financing for entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs who want to carry out a business activity. You can also use personal loans or resort to venture capital financiers .

If you do not know how to get an IPON loan from the government, it is advisable that you go to financial advisory companies or see which banks also offer to carry out that management. They are not always approved.