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The best Bundesliga players in FIFA 22 have been revealed, and there are some usual culprits in there (looking at you, Lewandowski) as well as some tweaks and changes from last year.

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We take a closer look at the 10 highest rated Bundesliga players, from lowest to highest rated, as well as the changes to their FIFA 21 cards and what could have warranted a rating increase or decrease. Debates are still rife whenever the FIFA ratings are released, but we will remain impartial. Well, as much as we can.

Marco Reus – 85

FIFA 22 Marco Reus

Marco Reus maintains his rating of 85, but his overall stats have declined since FIFA 21. His pace has dropped sharply from 80 to 73, and he also lost two on his shot, from 86 to 84.

His 20/21 season was actually better than the 19/20 season, with a total of 12 goals in all competitions compared to the 9 he scored the previous season. Obviously FIFA gets these stats from many facets of the gameplay, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. To move on.

Koen Castles – 86

FIFA 22 Castle Map

Koen Casteels makes a huge leap into the top 10 best-rated Bundesliga players, rising from an 83-rated goalkeeper to 86.

This, again, makes sense. His performances for Wolfsburg the previous season have been solid (he made 18 clean sheets in 37 appearances), and they are having a fantastic start in the 21st Bundesliga season. Expect forms for Casteels.

Kingsley Coman – 86

FIFA 22 Coman Card

Kingsley Coman receives a plus two to his rating, dropping from 84 to 86 between FIFA 21 and FIFA 22. The majority of his base stats remain the same, although he received a plus two increase for assists and an increase. in dribbling, defense, and physique.

Coman had a fairly reliable season last year, scoring 8 goals and assisting 15. His best card in FIFA 21 was 96, and it’s likely we’ll see similar cards in FIFA 22. However, in the early matches of season and Coman struggled for minutes.

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Hummels carpets – 86

FIFA 22 hummels card

Hummels maintains his 86 rating, but his pace has dropped from 58 to 56. The inevitable reduction in pace is something that happens to all players, but it’s a shame that Hummel’s other consistent qualities – like the 89 rating in defense – did not make the card usable in previous FIFA.

Will FIFA 22 be any different? Well, probably not, but at least you won’t feel too bad about racing Hummels due to the 86 rating. Great SBC forage.

Thomas Muller – 87

FIFA 22 Muller Card

Muller has been ranked 86 since FIFA 18, but for FIFA 22 … he rose to 87. His pace is slower than ever (down to 67), but his shooting, passing and dribbling stats have all received boosts thanks to its changing playstyle.

Muller’s reliability over the past few seasons justifies this minor upgrade. During the 20/21 season, Muller was involved in 39 goal contributions, including 5 in the Champions League. Hopefully the meta has room for a player like Muller.

Leon Goretzka – 87

Goretzka FIFA 22 Card

Goretzka gets a deserved three-point boost from 84 to 87 in FIFA 22. While not the most prolific goalscorer or assists provider, he still managed to provide 16 goals. last season while still being a full boulder in the middle. for Bayern.

His final form on FIFA 21 was a 95-ranked CDM card. It’s likely that Goretzka will reach that kind of level again, as well as being one of the most expensive Bundesliga players at the start of Ultimate Team. Bayern are on the hunt for another league title and another Champions League title, and there is no doubt that Goretzka will be essential in their path.

Erling Haaland – 88

FIFA 22 haland card

Haaland just can’t stop scoring goals, and his massively boosted FIFA 22 card represents the scoring power of this up-and-coming Norwegian super-striker.

89 pace, 91 shots, 80 dribbles, 88 physical … yes, this map looks like a bit of a nightmare in FIFA 22. It really depends on how the meta is formed in the first couple of months. , but if you are looking for power, speed and a lot of goals, then Haaland is one of the best.

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Joshua Kimmich – 89

FIFA 22 Kimmich Card

Kimmich is among the best defensive midfielders in the world, although he doesn’t always get the praise he deserves. Thankfully, EA decided that their performance last season warrants a rating increase from 88 to 89.

Kimmich looks like one of the most complete cards in the Bundesliga, perhaps in the game. Strong shooting, dribbling, passing and defensive stats make him a top pick… it’s just that pace of 70 that might drop it, especially if there are other faster CDMs available in the league.

Manuel Neuer – 90

FIFA 22 Neuer Card

As reliable as ever, Neuer’s unique style of goalkeeper once again earns him a place atop the Bundesliga player rankings, with his FIFA rating increasing from 89-90 from 21 to 22.

Goalkeepers are always difficult to analyze in FIFA (you might remember the popularity of a certain Nick Pope in FIFA 21 due to his absolutely huge arms), so we’ll have to see what the meta says before we go. pick the best goalie in the game. Neuer is up there, though.

Robert Lewandowski – 92

FIFA 22 card lewandowski

One of the world’s top scorers, Lewandowski overtakes Ronaldo to become FIFA’s second-highest-rated player. And it makes perfect sense. Lewandowski has scored FORTY-EIGHT goals in the 20/21 season and assisted 9 others. We’re six games into the new season and he’s already scored 10 goals in 6 appearances.

Here are 50 more Lewandowski goals this season.

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