Can Chelsea defend the UEFA Champions League title?

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The UEFA Champions League is Europe’s most prestigious football competition. This is why the team that wins the precious trophy enjoys the praise and respect of the entire football community throughout the year.

Last season, that honor belonged to Chelsea, so it’s no surprise that the Blues are doing their best to stay on top for as long as possible. However, winning the Champions League title twice in a row is easier said than done, especially with the upcoming Premier League fixtures.

On top of that, the idea of ​​holding a trophy and then having it slip out of your hands puts even more pressure on the defending champion compared to teams that have nothing to lose. For this reason, the chances of Chelsea winning the UEFA Champions League again will not be so easy to predict.

Promising knockout stage

Last year, Chelsea managed to rise to the top despite playing without a star centre-forward and only spending a few months under Thomas Tuchel. Considering Tuchel has now fully implemented his tactics and Romelu Lukaku has stepped in, the Blues are definitely on the favorites list for the league final.

Moreover, other factors may also help Chelsea reach the Champions League final rather smoothly. According to the knockout stage schedule, the team has a good chance of keeping the UEFA Champions League trophy on their shelf.

First of all, their first opponent LOSC struggled to stay on top after winning Ligue 1 last season. Other than a win over PSG in August, they haven’t achieved any notable achievements. Additionally, when big-name players like Mike Maignan and Boubakary Soumare left the club, LOSC could not afford adequate replacements, which left the France squad vulnerable and less likely to leave a mark this year. .

Another thing that goes hand in hand with Chelsea’s plans to win the Champions League again is the timing of the team’s game against LOSC. Namely, Chelsea will play their first round of 16 a week after the meeting between PSG and Real Madrid. This match is significant since the team that will advance will be the opponent of the Blues in the round of 16.

In other words, this calendar will allow Tuchel to analyze his team’s rival and develop the attack plan accordingly.

Manchester City – The biggest rival

Even though Chelsea definitely have a chance to retain the Champions League trophy, we can’t help but draw attention to other strong teams who can challenge the Blues and take the throne this season.

The first choice, according to various bookmakers and football pundits, is Manchester City, a team that was just one step away from lifting the trophy last season. The Citizens will have Sporting Lisbon on the other side of the pitch. Based on their magnificent performance in the Premier League, there is no doubt that they are ready to give their best to lift the Champions League trophy this year.

Another team that looks to have a strong chance of winning the Champions League Cup this year is PSG – the top-ranked Ligue 1 side managed by Mauricio Pochettino. What’s interesting about PSG is the club’s history with Thomas Tuchel being fired due to his failure to win the Champions League, after which he transferred to Chelsea and fulfilled that dream. .

Maybe Tuchel could have helped PSG win the title if the team management had given him more time to do so. Nevertheless, Les Parisiens have some aces up their sleeve, like Messi, Sergio Ramos, Hakimi, Donnarumma and other high-value players. These guys are known for their ability to work magic on the pitch, which makes PSG a team to watch when it comes to this year’s UEFA Champions League.

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