Continued referee mix-ups anger fans –

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The VAR problem persists in the Premier League to the point where fans are fed up and exasperated with the results.

The Premier League attracted a huge amount of viewers and fans supporting their respective football clubs. According to Reuters, the league is currently broadcast in 800 million homes in 188 countries around the world. The clubs have amassed over a billion followers on social media alone.

Comments on VAR / Referees in the Premier League

However, Mark Goldbridge, who is the presenter of Manchester United’s unofficial Twitter fan page, expressed his disappointment with the quality of this year’s Premier League game.

Goldbridge said this season is full of “confusing, contradictory and inconsistent officiating…”. He then went on to say that football fans deserved more than they got with the unfair treatment that has been shown this season.

Netizens responding to his tweet claimed that “Referees need an overhaul as they are currently in shambles. Field referees and video assistant referees need better communication with each other and judge based on players more and less depending on the settlement.

The response to this statement was that it is not the rulebook that is causing a huge headache for teams, players and fans. It is the lack of consistency of judgment towards the team and the players.

Joe Thomlinson, presenter for Football Daily and Sky Sports, tweeted that the inconsistency was between the video referee and the standard referee. He uploaded a video and said a player was allowed to do an alleged foul (handball) but Rashford who did something similar is not allowed to do so.

Heated arguments against VAR were raised under Thomlinson’s tweet, and fans of clubs affected by this injustice came out and gave their peace of mind about it. They claim that referees make their own rules at this stage and VARs are almost always consistent.

There were more mentions of some big clubs being more favored by referees and VARs than others. It is somewhat true, with the case of Thomas Tuchel complaining about Anthony Taylor (referee) concerning a chelsea game when he was their manager.

In the end, the Premier League did little more than stop allowing Anthony Taylor to referee Chelsea matches. It was also done due to the high number of signings against Taylor for his misjudgment regarding Chelsea v Tottenham.

Netizens claim that the Premier League is corrupt and is currently affecting all teams that are not in the top six.

Others shared their opinion saying that there are ranks on liked teams, normal teams and hated teams among the referees and when these are caught then a simple excuse or additional penalty would then be given to the wronged.

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