Ex-Premier League striker admits he ‘has feelings for’ Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku has struggled on the pitch for Chelsea.

Former Premier League striker Glenn Murray admits he ‘resents’ Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku, who is yet to be fired for the Blues this season.

Lukaku’s performances have come under the microscope in recent weeks, following his highly controversial interview with Italian television.

But Murray expressed a sense of pity for the Belgian, who obviously suffers from a lack of confidence for Thomas Tuchel’s side.

“I feel for him, really..”

“I feel for him, really,” Murray told BT Sport before the start of their game against Brighton & Hove Albion. “I watched his performance [against Manchester City] and I think he lacks confidence.

“I don’t think that transfer from Inter Milan went as well as he would have liked. Well, we know it didn’t go as he would have liked.

“[There are] are just little things like, just dropping it off to nobody. Normally he brings it, and he usually shows a bit more composure.

“[Against Manchester City], he was meeting players and he didn’t have the rhythm to overtake them.

“And then this one for me is the worst of the lot,” he added, referring to Lukaku’s early failure against Manc City. “The start was good. It transforms John Stones inside and out.

“He’s going for the goal, but he’s not confident. If he was [confident] he would have shot it.

Romelu Lukaku.

Although Lukaku’s struggles have been well documented lately, he still possesses the personal quality to get through this last sticky spell.

That said, he needs to address his critics at Stamford Bridge as soon as possible, with patience starting to wear thin at the bridge.

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