Football fans go wild for ‘best part of the game’ UEFA Euro remote control car


It was one of the hottest topics on social media, with users creating hilarious memes and other brands getting involved in the buzz around the pint-sized electric vehicle. And he made a welcome comeback early in the semi-final clash between Italy and Spain when he brought the ball into Wembley center circle. Within minutes, “THE CAR IS BACK” was one of the hottest topics on Twitter as viewers posted stories about the small electric car.

One user joked, “The car is back, they might as well finish the game now, it can’t get better.”

Another described it as “the best thing about those bucks,” while others posted memes from The Office, Simpsons and Sesame Street to celebrate his comeback.

And the electric Volkswagen, which has its own verified Twitter account @TinyFootballCar, could roll onto the holy turf at Wembley again before the tournament is over. Fans are urged to stay tuned for further news.

Sarah Cox, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen, said: “Football fever has gripped all of Europe thanks to UEFA EURO 2020, with millions of people following the tragedy and the ongoing action.

“And even with some of the game’s most famous names hitting the pitch over the past few weeks, one of the show’s more unlikely stars has turned out to be our very own balloon delivery ID.4. match.

“This cute little remote-controlled character – our tiny electric vehicle – has won over a lot of fans and even now has his own dedicated Twitter page.

“It was great fun seeing him in action and making people smile. Be careful to see if he reappears in the last two games at Wembley.

Volkswagen is one of the main sponsors of the Euro, as it continues to promote its all-electric models, the ID.3 and ID.4.

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