How to get a loan?

Today the possibilities available for those who take out a loan are really varied, then, it is not only feasible to request financing in person at the branches of banks or any institution dedicated to grant loans, but also, are the loan platforms One hundred percent online and, in turn, the banks already allow you to process loans for Home Banking and ATMs. The latter option offered by Banco Santa Fe is the one we will talk about in the note of the day so that your clients have the necessary knowledge to take advantage of this exclusive advantage for them.

How to do a loan from Banco Santa Fe by ATM?

Banco Santa Fe’s ATM loans are obtained immediately in a very simple way, which is as follows

1. Go to one of the many ATMs that the bank has throughout the province of Santa Fe.

2. Enter the debit card at the cashier and enter the security code.

3. On the main screen, select the option that says “Loans / Investments”.

4. Then you should select where it says “Loan Request”.

5. Indicate the amount of credit and wait for the cashier to tell you if it is approved.

6. Withdraw cash.

How much money can be obtained with a loan from Banco Santa Fe by ATM?

The loans by automatic teller machine of Bank Santa Fe allow to request amounts of between ten thousand and five hundred thousand pesos to finance in a maximum term of seventy two months giving the possibility of canceling anticipated in the moment that the client wishes it with a commission of the three percent on the total loan.

On the other hand, if you are a client of the bank, you probably have a Home Banking user that is a means through which you can also request the same type of credit and you will not have the need to move from your home, in turn, the money It will be transferred to your account thus avoiding having to transport cash with all the risks that this implies.

What are the requirements to take out an ATM loan?


Banco Santa Fe does not ask for many requirements for those who want to take out an ATM loan , since, being a client of the bank, it already has all of its information in advance, being the only requirement that its loan be pre-approved and that leave the option to request a loan in the ATM menu.

How to get a salary advance by ATM?

salary, ATM

Any person who collects their salaries in an account at Banco Santa Fe may request an advance payment of one hundred percent by ATM . This alternative is also available for provincial retirees who receive their retirement at the bank. To request the advance through this means you must follow these steps:

  • Go to any bank teller.

  • Enter your debit card.

  • Enter your login key

  • Choose the option “Consultation / Requests”.

  • Then select “Requests”.

  • Then continue the process by entering where it says “Advance of Payroll”.

  • Enter the amount you want to request as an advance.

  • Press “OK”.

  • Remove your cash advance.

How to withdraw money from an ATM with a debit card from Banco Santa Fe?

First of all, you need to have a savings account or salary account in the Bank and have the Banco Santa Fe debit card. Then you just have to go to an ATM of the entity or the network of ATMs to which this belongs, enter your card, enter your personal password, enter the section of extractions and advances, select the type of account, enter the amount and withdraw the money. Remember that in this case it is not a loan, so, you can not get more money than you already have in your account.

Can a cash advance be made with the VISA credit card in Banco Santa Fe?

Yes, of course, anyone with a VISA credit card will have the possibility of taking a cash advance with their VISA at the Banco Santa Fe ATMs or at any bank that works with that brand. To do this, you must comply with the following instructions:

  • As always, it is necessary to go personally to the ATM of your convenience.

  • Enter your credit card.

  • Put your PIN.

  • Enter in the “Advances” menu.

  • Then you must indicate in what term you want to return the money.

  • Indicate the amount you wish to advance.

  • Wait until the cashier processes and hands you the money.

As for the amount of money you can withdraw, we will say that this depends on the limit you have on your card, in turn, it is possible that the cashier does not allow you to complete the quota and approve a smaller advance.

It is important to say that the advances with credit cards are, in fact, credits that have as an advantage the speed of disbursement which makes it an ideal option to solve emergencies but that, nevertheless, has funding costs of the highest in the market due to the high interest rates charged by the cards and the fees charged by the banks.

Therefore, if you have some time, it is often better to resort to a traditional personal loan can find in our article about how to simulate the best credits for people , whichever is of convenience.