How to Navigate Arsenal and Man City’s Blank

The upcoming Blank Gameweek 12 for Arsenal and Manchester City has major implications for Fantastic Premier League managers.

Both clubs have enjoyed exceptional starts to the 2022/23 season, with Man City supplying four of Fantasy’s top six players.

Pair of Arsenal Gabriel Martinelli (£6.7 million) and Bukayo Saka (£7.9million), meanwhile, rank among the top five midfielders, while Guillaume Saliba (£5.1m) ranks third in defence.

As a result, the main performers from these teams have been hugely popular picks in the first 11 Gameweeks of 2022/23.

Indeed, six of the eight most possessed players in Fantasy come from Arsenal or Man City.

Most Possessed Players in Fantasy
Player club Ownership
Haaland MCI 83.8%
Jesus ARS 67.9%
Tripper NEW 55.7%
to cancel MCI 54.9%
Martinelli ARS 48.0%
De Bruyne MCI 34.8%
james HE 31.0%
Saliba ARS 29.7%

Retaining three players from Arsenal and Man City and simply benching them for Gameweek 12 can prove to be a profitable move as they both have very amiable Gameweek 13-16 schedules.

According to Fixture Difficulty Ratings (FDR), three of their next four matches before the season was halted for the FIFA World Cup scored just two apiece.

When to play your Wildcard

Those who still have Wildcards should look to play the chip in Gameweek 13 to take advantage of these favorable streaks of opponents.

They can ‘end’ their squad in Gameweek 12 by selling some of their Arsenal and Man City stars before immediately bringing them back to the Wildcard.

Triple the Man City trio Erling Haaland (£12.2m), Foden and Joao Cancelo (£7.3m) seems a very solid tactic at this stage, while Martinelli, Saliba and Gabriel Jesus (£8.0m) all have the potential to thrive for Arsenal.

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