Inter and other Serie A clubs do not expect sanctions from UEFA’s FFP procedure, Italian media report

Inter, Roma, Milan and soon Juventus are under UEFA Financial Fair Play proceedings, but the clubs do not expect any sanctions to follow.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan’s Gazzetta dello Sport, which reports that Italy’s top clubs believe that given the number of teams involved it is highly unlikely that the governing body will sanction them.

Yesterday, Inter officially announced that they were subject to an FFP procedure, which has also reportedly been the case for a number of other clubs in Serie A and elsewhere in Europe.

The Rossoneri and the Giallorossi are also subject to the same procedure, while the Bianconeri should soon be too.

Even with UEFA easing regulations due to the pandemic and further extending the loss reporting period to allow teams to spread losses, Inter and other Serie A clubs have not was unable to meet the parameters of the regulations.

However, the governing body plans to drop the FFP regulations, with changes due to be made in May before a brand new set of rules come into effect for the 2024-25 season.

It is not completely ruled out that sanctions could arise from these procedures, but the clubs believe that UEFA intends to work with them rather than seek sanctions.

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