Liverpool can get Fabinho transfer fix for free in two months with nifty FSG Serie A raid



Marcelo Brozović’s contract at Inter is coming to an end and no sign of renewal seems imminent.

The Croatian intriguer has been among the Serie A giants for more than six years, signing from Dinamo Zagreb in the summer of 2015. Top of the Italian game after years in the doldrums. However, his contract expires at the end of the season, and it looks like negotiations are at an impasse at the moment.

Antonio Conte guided the club to their first league title in 11 years, but the new Tottenham manager walked away after making it clear that Inter are expected to reduce their ambitions in the wake of the pandemic and huge financial losses . The loss to Inter could be the gain of Liverpool and FSG, who might consider a free transfer ideal for a Fabinho understudy.

The financial situation explains why Brozović still has not been offered a new extension; it is certainly not a case of Inter procrastination due to the player’s talent. In fact, it is believed that Inter, despite struggling financially in light of the pandemic, are ready to offer Brozović a salary of around € 4.5m per season to stay at San Siro until the thirty.

Brozović, for his part, is said to be looking for a salary in the order of € 6million per season, a figure Inter seem unwilling to hit, given his precarious financial situation. The lion cub recorded 2020/21 losses of some € 246million, the highest ever for an Italian club.

Inter are in the process of linking compatriot midfielder Nicolò Barella with a new improved deal after his incredible development under Conte. Barella played a key role in Italy’s success at Euro 2020, and Inter are believed to be doubling their current salary by € 1.5million per season.

Once Barella is secured, the feeling is that Brozović would be next. Still, we’re two months away from the January window opening, and Brozović will be allowed to speak to other clubs. So with that in mind, would he be a good candidate under Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool?

As well as offering Fabinho a rotation option, Brozović would be a good alternative to Jordan Henderson or Thiago Alcântara in the center of Liverpool midfielder. Brozović usually dictates the tempo of Inter’s build, as he’s in charge of receiving the ball from Milan Skrinriar, Alessandro Bastoni and Stefan De Vrij and starting the game.

Technically gifted and possessing good vision, Brozović is arguably the most characteristically similar to Henderson in the current Liverpool squad. However, his ability to cover both that role and the more withdrawn number six position, albeit in a slightly different way from Fabinho, is what might make him appealing to FSG – especially on a free transfer.

His stats aren’t the best since his time in Italy – 25 goals and 34 assists in six years – but his game has evolved in recent years, and goals and assists don’t matter much to his role at Inter, just as no one would judge Fabinho at Liverpool on the basis of similar measures. Brozović’s job is to launch attacks and keep the team balanced.

If we arrive in January and Brozović still hasn’t signed a new deal with Inter, he’s definitely a player Liverpool should keep an eye on for the rest of the season. Signing Brozović for free, and with a modest salary to boot, would be a shrewd signing from the FSG.

That would be a slight bet, given that at 28 his age doesn’t match the ideal FSG signing profile, but the positives outweigh the negatives.


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