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It’s a journey that began in August 2007 in front of around 100 people at a qualifying round match in North Macedonia, and has taken the UEFA Women’s Champions League by storm.

In October 2019, Lyon became the first club to make 100 appearances in UEFA women’s club competition, winning 4-0 at Fortuna Hjørring in the first leg of the round of 16. Since that opening match of what was then known as the UEFA Women’s Cup – a 12-0 loss to Slovakian Slovan Duslo Šala in Strumica – they may not have improved their margin of victory, but they went on to claim most club records in the competition.

Highlights of the 2020 final: Wolfsburg 1-3 Lyon

Chief among these is their unprecedented seven titles, including the now-completed five-game winning streak from 2016 to 2020, which matched Real Madrid’s men’s record from the European Cup’s early years. Paco Gento was part of this team; his record of six European club titles is surpassed by three players from Lyon.

They added another feather to their cap in 2021 when Melvine Malard scored the first-ever goal of the newly introduced group stage.

Lyon in the UEFA Women’s Cup/UEFA Women’s Champions League

Highlights of the 2019 final: Lyon 4-1 Barcelona

Highlights of the 2019 final: Lyon 4-1 Barcelona

First game: Qualifying round against Slovan Duslo Šala, August 9, 2007, W12-0
first team: Pons; Renard, Georges, Bompastor, Nécib, Lepailleur, Henry (Thomis 46), Cruz Trana (Bretigny 53), Simon (Faye Chellali 55), Katya
First goalscorer: Camille Abily (7 minutes)
Time to first goal conceded: 530 minutes (2-1 win against Sparta Praha, 2nd qualifying round, Stade de Gerland)
First incumbents eliminated: Arsenal, quarter-finals 2007/08
First defeat in 90 minutes: 1-3 v Duisburg (a), semi-final second leg 2008/09 (17th game)
First elimination before the semi-finals: Round of 16 2013/14 against Turbine Potsdam (7th campaign)
Final wins: 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Other final appearances: 2010, 2013

All the records of the Lyon competition

Highlights of the 2018 final: Wolfsburg 1-4 Lyon (ap)

Highlights of the 2018 final: Wolfsburg 1-4 Lyon (ap)

Most titles: 7
Most consecutive titles: 5
Most final appearances
: 9
Most consecutive final appearances: 5
Most semi-final appearances: 12 (including 2021/22)
Most matches played
: 120
Most matches won: 95
Most goals scored: 432
Most goals in a single season
: 45
Perfect season: 7 wins from 7 games in 2019/20 (matching Umeå’s perfect 9 wins from 9 games in 2003/04)
Longest unbeaten streak: 31
Most appearances per player:
Wendie Fox 99
Most appearances by a goalkeeper: Sarah Bouhaddi 77 (tied with Emma Byrne)
Most goals by an individual: Ada Hegerberg57
Most goals per player for a single club: Ada Hegerberg 53
Most goals per player in a single season
: Ada Hegerberg 15 (2017/18)
Most overall wins by individual player: Sarah Bouhaddi, Wendie Renard, Eugenie Le Sommer 7
Most final appearances by individual player: Sarah Bouhaddi, Wendie Renard 9
Most match wins by individual player: Wendie Renard76

Records they don’t hold

Most entries: Brøndby, KÍ Klaksvík, SFK 2000 Sarajevo 19 (Lyon 15)
Most consecutive appearances:
Brondby, SFK 2000 Sarajevo 19 (Lyon 15)
Most quarter-final appearances:
Arsenal 14 (Lyon 13)
Most consecutive wins: Umeå 14 (Lyon 13)
Most games won by a manager: Bernd Schröder 43 (Turbine Potsdam)
record victory: Apollo 21-0 Ada Velipoje (2012/13 qualifying round)
Most goals per player in a single match: Milena Nikolić (ŽFK Spartak) 8 v SS-11 Goliador-Real (qualifying round 2014/15)

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