Mafia bosses offer top UEFA referees £ 25,000 bungs online in a bid to fix football matches


MAFIA bosses are targeting top UEFA referees with cybercrime attacks in an attempt to fix soccer matches.

Officials are offered up to £ 25,000 for swing matches, according to a leaked memo by The Sun.


Mafia bosses target top UEFA referees with cybercrime attacks to try and fix soccer gamesCredit: Reuters

Criminals are using sophisticated phishing techniques during the pandemic to tempt referees to start European clashes.

The note, which was sent to the FA and other governing bodies, warns: potential for collaboration with such groups.

He speaks of “incidents in which an alleged faker tried to recruit referees to manipulate matches via social networks.”

It reads: “This development may have been accelerated by the Covid lockdown, during which cybercriminals both diversified and intensified their criminal activities, according to Europol. “

The memo adds: “We assess that the corrupters will likely continue to attempt to contact players, referees and other officials through social media and the use of more sophisticated messaging, including personalized content and manipulation techniques. “

The messages are believed to have come from Asian criminal gangs and were sent in English – but the UK referees are not believed to have been targeted.

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