“Marco Guida’s performance in the Milan derby worthy of a top international referee”

Former Serie A referee Paolo Casarin believes Marco Guida did a great job officiating the Milan derby between Inter and AC Milan last night.

Writing in his column in today’s print edition of Milan’s Corriere della Sera, the former referee suggested that Guida made the important decisions right and took charge of the game with authority.

Guida didn’t have too many decisions to make, although there was some controversy surrounding his decision to play in the build-up to Milan’s equalizer, and he also handed Theo Henrnandez a red card in the last seconds.

However, in Casarin’s view, the official did a good job of keeping the pace of the game at a good level and communicating with the players.

Casarin felt that “the match was hard fought and nervous, with an Inter goal disallowed due to Perisic being offside”.

He went on to say that the game had a “yellow card for Romagnoli, nice saves from Maignan who can’t do anything about Perisic’s shot in the 38th minute.”

“Guida was always in a good position to assess situations,” he added, “and on several occasions he decided to whistle the tackles or let play continue, and the players always seemed to be on board with the decision. of the referee.”

“However, there were sixteen fouls called in the first half,” said the former referee. “Milan launched the attack for their equalizer after a call from the official.”

He also mentioned that there was a “chaotic final with a red card for Theo. Guida’s refereeing was worthy of a top international referee.

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