Meet the UEFA Women’s Under-17 EURO 2022 finalists: Germany vs Spain

The UEFA European Women’s Under-17 Championship final will oppose holders Germany and Spain in Sarajevo on Sunday.

Both teams have won four straight games in Bosnia and Herzegovina to maintain their mutual dominance in this competition. Between them, they have won 11 of the previous 12 editions and are both in their ninth final, which will be the sixth between the two.

We present to you the teams that will be competing for the title and who have already booked tickets for the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022 from October 11-30 in India. Europe’s third place in the global competition will be decided by a play-off between semi-final defeats France and the Netherlands on Sunday in Zenica.

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Germany vs Spain

Previous final meetings

2017/18 Final: Germany 0-2 Spain
Final 2016/17: Germany 0-0 Spain (3-1 pens)
2016/17 group stage: Germany 4-1 Spain
Final 2015/16: Germany 0-0 Spain (3-2 pen)
2015/16 group stage: Germany 2-2 Spain
2014/15 group stage: Germany 0-4 Spain
Final 2013/14: Germany 1-1 Spain (3-1 pens)
2013/14 group stage: Germany 0-4 Spain
2008/09 Final: Germany 7-0 Spain

Germany (holder)

Semi-final highlights: Germany 1-0 France

Round 1: Winners of Group A4 (W4-0 v Bosnia & Herzegovina, W3-1 v Portugal, W5-0 v Finland)
2nd round: Winners of Group A5 (W4-0 v Kosovo, W2-1 v Slovenia, W3-2 v Austria)
Group stage: Winners of group A (W2-0 against Denmark, W2-0 against the Netherlands, W2-0 against Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Semi final: W1-0 against France
Final top scorers: Mara Alber, Paulina Platner 2
Top scorer including qualifying: Paulina Platner, Alara Sehitler, Marie Steiner 5
Previous best
: Winners x 7 (2007/08, 2008/09, 2011/12, 2013/14, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2018/19)
Final registration: W7 L1

Previous finals:
2018/19: D1-1, W3-2pens – Netherlands
2017/18: L0-2 v Spain
2016/17: 0-0, W3-1pens v Spain
2015/16: 0-0, W3-2pens v Spain
2013/14: D1-1, W3-1pens – Spain
2011/12: D1-1, W4-3pens – France
2008/09: W7-0 v Spain
2007/08: W3-0 v France


Semi-final highlights: Spain 3-0 Netherlands

Semi-final highlights: Spain 3-0 Netherlands

Round 1: Winners of Group A7 (W3-0 v Northern Ireland, W4-0 v Iceland, W2-1 v Serbia)
2nd round: Winners of Group A2 (W6-0 v Hungary, W2-0 v Czech Republic)
Group stage
: Winners of group B (W4-0 against Norway, W4-0 against Finland, W3-0 against France)
Semi final: W3-0 v Netherlands
Final top scorers
: Jone Amezaga, Carla Camacho, Lucía Corrales, Nina Pou 2
Top scorer including qualifying
Carla Camacho 7
Previous best
: Winners x 4 (2009/10, 2010/11, 2014/15, 2017/18)
Final registration: W4 L4

Previous finals:
2017/18: W2-0 v Germany
2016/17: D0-0, L1-3pens – Germany
2015/16: D0-0, L2-3pens – Germany
2014/15: W5-2 v Switzerland
2013/14: D1-1, L1-3pens – Germany
2010/11: W1-0 v France
2009/10: D0-0, W4-1pens v Republic of Ireland
2008/09: L0-7 v Germany

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