Personal loans What is needed?

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos ?

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 Pesos ?

We know that applying for a loan can be a very cumbersome process. Going round and round, not knowing what documents are needed, what are the branches, how can the loan be requested, among others.

In this note, we will clarify some questions about how to require a loan in Crédito Argentino in the city of Rosario , Santa Fe. We will detail requirements, communication channels with the company and payment method of the installments.

What do customers think about the loans of Crédito Argentino in Rosario?

To go addressing the issue, we think it is important to know a little about the company and the image that those who request a loan in it take.

Crédito Argentino was born approximately in the year 1980 as a financing opportunity for salaried workers.

We were able to extract different opinions from clients from various forums. First of all, most people tell us about the kindness that the employees had to solve all their doubts and the attention they were given.

Many clients expressed their happiness of being able to access a loan with minimum requirements, and thus be able to fulfill their goals and objectives.

What to take into account to request a loan

request loan

We believe it is important to know what our payment capacity is to see if the fees will adjust to it and we will have the possibility to comply.

In Crédito Argentino the installments are paid in the following way: they expire month to month on day 05. This maturity does not have a surcharge, that is, we will pay the original amount of the quota. In case of not fulfilling the payment before that day, there is the possibility of paying them in two more maturities that will specify the monthly detail. These last two due dates if they have a surcharge.

There are several channels to make payments. First of all, it is possible to do it in the branches of Crédito Argentino de Rosario.

The obligation can also be fulfilled through Rapipago, Pago Fácil, or at any teller of the link network or at Banco Nación.

Finally, you can pay the fee through the internet through the website of pagomiscuentas or by attaching the invoice to the automatic debit.

In case of not receiving the monthly detail, we must contact the company to be sent.

What are the requirements to apply for a loan?


He has no difficulty in accessing a loan . To apply at Crédito Argentino in Rosario, it is essential to comply with the following conditions:

  • Work in a dependency relationship with a seniority of more than six months or through the monotributo system, or be retired (up to 75 years of age)

  • Submit a tax or service voucher on behalf of the applicant

  • Present ID (National Identity Document)

Can you apply online for a loan from Crédito Argentino in Rosario?

At Crédito Argentino it is totally viable to apply for a loan through its website. For this, after clicking where it says “loans”, you have to follow only three steps:

Ready! We complete the steps and now it only remains to go to the branch to withdraw the cash or request that it be credited to an account on our behalf.

Crédito Argentino: How to get a loan in Rosario?

There are other ways to obtain a loan from Crédito Argentino if we do not want to request it online. On the web page are detailed broad options that can be summarized as follows: as a first option we can call 0800 to communicate with someone to advise us; it is possible to communicate through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger; or as a last alternative, call or approach the branches that are in the rosary. These branches are located at the following addresses:

Why ask for a loan at Crédito Argentino in Rosario?

There are many reasons why we would need to access a loan . Maybe we want to start the pastry micro-enterprise that we always want and need financing. Or maybe we want to make the trip we always dream of and we do not manage to raise the necessary money.

We may need to access personal financing to buy that car we have seen a while ago, to buy a lot or build a house to finally become independent.

Or it can be, simply, that we need to face a debt that torments us or pay expenses that are presented to us in an extraordinary way.

For all these reasons, a loan can be our lifeline. And why do it in Crédito Argentino? Because it is a reliable, attentive and accessible company. In order not to be left with this only option, in Rosario we can compare it, for example, with Itaú bank.

When it comes to needing financing, it is possible to access it by means of a credit card or resort to a loan. Which one suits us?

In the event that we decide to require a loan, it is important to consider our possibilities.

Crédito Argentino is characterized by providing adequate care for each person. And, in addition, the company does not ask you to have a person as guarantor, which is very beneficial for those who do not want to commit to someone else.