Players at odds with Premier League and clubs for cashing in on NFTs – The Athletic

It looks like you can’t move for a Premier League footballer plugging in an NFT (non-fungible token) collection these days, with players such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson promoting it on social media.

The Premier League is also getting in on the act, and the license to produce elite NFTs is being tendered with a view to launching as early as next season.

But, with millions of pounds potentially at stake, players are paying closer attention to the plans of the Premier League and its clubs, believing they should be part of the conversation given that NFTs can be goal-based. they scored or the saves they made. .

The money players will receive for the use of their images and actions is under further scrutiny and the Professional Footballers’ Association has been consulted on the matter.

NFTs, the digital assets bought and sold for exorbitant prices in the world of art and now sports, are becoming a major topic of discussion in football due to their enormous commercial potential.

Described by some as online Panini stickers, they are tradable goods stored on a “blockchain” – the technology underlying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin – which means that all transactions are digitally recorded and can be returned” provably rare” (they are produced in a limited number). ).

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