Premier League at 30 – Carlisle United’s connections in the new top flight’s first season in 1992/3

This year marks a major anniversary in English football – 30 years since the launch of the Premier League.

The 1992/3 campaign saw the all new top of the range see the light of day.

Carlisle United might not have been about to grace the division in this era – but the Premier League certainly hasn’t been without its Blues connection.

In fact, that historic first campaign alone saw 27 players with past or future United links take part.

Here is an overview.

1. Peter Beardsley

Let’s start with the most famous. The brilliant forward Carlisle launched to stardom was with Everton in 1992/3, scoring ten goals in 39 appearances in the Premier League‘s first season.

2. Rob Bowman

Bowman was 17 when he made his first outing for Leeds, in a 4-0 Premier League defeat at Tottenham, in four top-flight appearances. Five years later, the right-back was at Carlisle, making 50 appearances over three seasons – including the famous Jimmy Glass game.

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3. David Brightwell

Scorer of perhaps the most famous ‘other’ goal in United history – the one that preceded Jimmy Glass’s miracle against Plymouth in 1999 – youngster Brightwell played four top-flight appearances for Manchester City in 1992 /3.

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4. Tom Cowan

The popular member of United’s 2005 Conference promotion-winning defense was, in 1992, on the books for Sheffield United, making 21 appearances in the new Premier League.

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5.Keith Curle

The future Blues boss was an established top-flight player in 1992 and, that first Premier League season, making 39 appearances for Manchester City as the new top-flight season unfolded. He managed the Cumbrians from 2014 to 2018.

League clash” alt=”News and Star: Curle, right, tussles with a famous Frenchman in a first Premier League clash” class=”editor-image”/>Curle, right, tussles with a famous Frenchman in a first Premier League clash

6. Mervyn’s Day

The classy goalkeeper was nearing the end of his time with Leeds United and largely John Lukic’s understudy, but still made two appearances in the fledgling Premier League for the reigning Division One champions. Next he joined United and rose from player-coach to assistant to manager, leading the Blues to promotion and a first win at Wembley in 1997.

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7.Andy Dibble

The well-traveled goalkeeper who had a spell with the Blues in 1999 was called up to action twice in the Premier League for Manchester City in the new top-flight season.

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8. Curtis Fleming

Ok, a bit tenuous, considering Fleming only featured for the Blues in a friendly at Shelbourne in 2001 (alongside another Premier League player 1992/3 – more of which shortly). But if he wore the United jersey, he is in the game. The first season of the new Premier League saw Fleming feature 24 times for Middlesbrough.

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9. Paul Gerard

Carlisle’s current goalkeeping manager was Oldham Athletic’s No.1 in 1992, with the much-loved keeper making 25 appearances in the Premier League’s first season.

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10. Steve Harness

Harkness, born in Carlisle, was signed by Liverpool in 1989 and, after making his debut for the Reds in 1992, made nine more top-flight appearances in the new Premier League – scoring once in a 6-2 thrashing of Tottenham.

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11. Dean Holdsworth

A striker on loan at Brunton Park in 1988, Holdsworth joined Wimbledon in 1992 from Brentford and scored 19 goals in 36 appearances in the inaugural Premier League campaign. His twin brother David was until recently director of football at Brunton Park.

News and Star: Holdsworth, left, with John FashanuHoldsworth, left, with John Fashanu

12. Jamie Hoyland

Some 22 appearances in the Sheffield United defense in 1992/3 for Hoyland, who was on loan at Brunton Park in 1997 and, two years later, part of the Scarborough side kicked out of the Football League by a certain J.Glass …

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13. Vinnie Jones

How could we leave this guy out? After all, Hardman Jones donned a United shirt once – that Shelbourne friendly in 2001 – so we can include him here. In 1992/3, the future movie star played seven times for Chelsea and 27 times for Wimbledon.

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14. Graham Kavanagh

The future United player, coach, assistant and manager was a budding midfield talent for Middlesbrough in 1992. The Irish player was 18 when he made ten Premier League appearances in the 92/3 season.

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15. Dylan Kerr

It’s not a Carlisle career to dream of, but Kerr’s short-lived spell at United in 1996 came four years after the Malta-born defender featured five times for Leeds in the club’s debut campaign. Premier League.

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16. David Lee

In 1992/3 winger Lee was on Southampton’s books, making a lone appearance in the Premier League’s first season. Later he made a name for himself with Bolton Wanderers – and in 2000/1 had a short spell at Brunton Park.

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17. Steve Livingstone

Recalled to Brunton Park mainly for the first scuffle which saw him sent off against York in 2003, Livingstone in 1992 was with newly promoted Blackburn Rovers, making a few outings for the Lancashire club and one for loan club Chelsea later in the year. countryside.

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18. Neil McDonald

McDonald was with Oldham in 1992 and made four outings in that very first Premier League season. Fourteen years later, the former Carlisle schoolboy was the Cumbrians manager.

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19. Alan Moore

The future Carlisle youth boss was a precocious winger in the same Middlesbrough side as Graham Kavanagh. He made two Premier League appearances in 1992/3.

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20. Neil Moore

The promising young centre-back was given two substitute outings in Everton’s debut season in the Premier League. Three years later he signed on loan at Brunton Park as Mick Wadsworth’s side tried to settle into the third tier after promotion.

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21. Nigel Pearson

The man who beckoned Jimmy Glass forward has had an impressive career as an authoritative centre-half. In the first Premier League season, Pearson was always at the heart of Sheffield Wednesday’s defence.

News and Star: Nigel Pearson, left, with Ron AtkinsonNigel Pearson, left, with Ron Atkinson

22. John Sheridan

The 2018/19 United boss was an iconic midfield figure for Sheffield Wednesday, making 25 appearances in the debut Premier League season.

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23. Peter Shirtliff

Another Hillsborough stalwart, Shirtliff joined Pearson in the Owls backline when the Premier League was born. The experienced defender then had a brief stint at Carlisle in 1996.

News and Star: Peter Shirtliff, leftPeter Shirtliff, left

24. Shaun Teale

Defender Teale made 39 appearances at centre-half for Ron Atkinson’s Villa, who were capped for the title by Manchester United in 1992/3. Seven seasons later, he brought his experience to Carlisle’s torturous battle to stay in the Football League.

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25. Simon Tracey

United’s future goalkeeping manager has the distinction of playing the Premier League opener – and being on the winning side. Goalkeeper Tracey conceded a goal from Mark Hughes but two efforts from Brian Deane saw his Sheffield United side win 2-1, in one of Tracey’s ten appearances this league season.

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26. Paul Warhurst

One of United’s most infamous short-lived signings (in 2004) was a versatile and efficient player in the Premier League, and in 1992/3 made 25 top appearances and scored six goals.

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27.Tommy Wright

The Carlisle assistant manager under John Sheridan joined Middlesbrough from Leicester in 1992 and was a regular on the Teessiders’ wing in the Premier League’s first season, making 36 league appearances.

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