Toni Kroos takes on Bundesliga club Schalke after Ed Sheeran comments

The German midfielder spoke about Schalke in his own podcast, citing the club’s recent woes.

Schalke have regained their first-flight status this year after being relegated the previous season under the worst possible circumstances.

They went on a game of 30 without victory led by several managers, including former Huddersfield manager David Wagner and former Spurs manager Christian Gross.

However, at the end of last season they found unexpectedly good form which propelled the club into the Bundesliga.

Schalkeits homeland, the Veltines Arena has been used to host music concerts during the off season and recently British mega star Ed Sheeran played on the ground. Which leads to Kroos‘ dig slyly towards the club.

He said on his podcast: “Ed Sheeran did something that I have rarely seen: that people came home happy from the stadium after an event in Schalke.”

The comment did not go well Schalke retaliate to Kroos.

Schalke posted on Twitter: “At least we can give some cool interviews after the final whistle.”

Schalkethe answer to Kroos included an iconic interview all their own. forward Simon Terodde scored a winning timeout against Sandhausena win that put his side inches short of promotion that sparked huge celebrations.

34-Age then had to do a post-match interview but was unable to speak after losing his voice during the wild celebrations.

This comeback from the club referred to Kroos‘ catchy interview after Madrid 10 victory against Liverpool in the Champions League final.

Kroos He was asked if he was surprised that his side were under so much pressure during the game, which irritated the midfielder.

He replied, “You had 90 minutes to think about sensible questions. And then you ask me two naughty questions. It’s crazy.”

“It’s no surprise you’re in trouble against Liverpool. What’s a question? We’re not playing a group game somewhere, we’re playing the Champions League final.

“It’s really bad. Really bad, really. First you ask three negative questions. You already know you’re from Germany.

The World Cup winner ended up walking away midway through the interview.

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