UEFA fears IT staff stole them for SIX years after police raid


UEFA fears IT staff stole them for SIX years before they were arrested.

The European governing body fired a number of people from its IT department after a police raid on its headquarters in Switzerland in April.


Computer scientists were arrested at UEFA headquarters in Switzerland earlier this yearCredit: Reuters

The alleged infringements are said to be linked to UEFA‘s contracts with third-party service providers.

SunSport can reveal that one of the licensees was a senior executive and that the alleged infractions may have started in 2015.

Investigators are looking to see if any of those fired set up a similar scam with former employers.

A UEFA spokesperson said: “Due to the investigation, we will not disclose the identity of those affected.

“UEFA terminated the employment contracts with the staff concerned when we became aware of the fraudulent activity.”

There is no indication that senior officials currently linked to UEFA are suspect.


Meanwhile, Gareth Bale called on UEFA to exclude countries with racist supporters from competitions.

Speaking earlier this month after Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were abused in England’s 4-0 win over Hungary, Bale said: “It’s frustrating.

“I don’t know why they are launching these investigations which take so long. It’s clear to see.

“It was filmed by reporters, I really don’t understand why there needs to be such a big investigation. Clearly it happened.

“It doesn’t matter if it happened a little or a lot. Steps must be taken to stop it.

“Whether you ban fans from the stadium or if they keep doing it multiple times, which seems to be happening, then you ban the country from the competition.

“I think it drives him away right away. If this country keeps making these horrible gestures then maybe the best thing to do is get rid of them, give them a suspension and I hope they will learn their lesson this way. “

Gareth Bale says countries with racist fans should be kicked out by UEFA and “they will learn their lesson that way”

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