UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 cash prize doubled



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Ahead of the start of the much-anticipated UEFA European Women’s Championship finals in England in the summer of 2022, the UEFA Executive Committee met yesterday in ChiÅŸinău, Moldova, and approved an increase of the amount distributed to the participating teams, as well as a new model distribution.

The 16 qualifying teams will receive a total of 16 million euros, more than double the total prizes awarded at the 2017 UEFA Women’s Euro in the Netherlands, which amounted to 8 million euros. For the group stage, the financial distribution will include enhanced guaranteed amounts as well as performance-based bonuses.

In addition, the UEFA Executive Committee authorized the first-ever club benefit program, allocating a significant sum of € 4.5 million to reward European teams who release female players for the finals of the tournament. ‘UEFA Women’s Euro for their commitment to the success of the event.

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Increased financial distributions and the implementation of a club benefits program are important strategic steps in UEFA’s women’s football strategy – TimeForAction, ensuring that women’s football receives more money than ever before .

Here are the most important changes:

  • All associations not ranked in the top five saw their shares increase, while the top five associations saw their shares capped (NB: the top five associations are England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France).
  • The gap between associations with and without clubs in the UEFA Champions League group stage has narrowed.
  • Market shares are less weighted and distribution is based on fair and recognizable sporting criteria.

The solidarity of 4% for non-participating clubs (140 million euros on the basis of a forecast global turnover of 3.5 billion euros) will be increased by 30% of the income from club competitions exceeding 3, € 5 billion, up to a maximum of € 35 million.

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As a result, a total of 175 million euros will be available from competition revenue for non-participating clubs, compared to 130 million euros in the 2018-21 cycle, and the share reserved for unclassified associations will increase to 132. , 5 million euros. (an increase of more than 60% compared to the previous plan).

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