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The draw for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 finals in Greater Manchester will be broadcast live from 6 p.m. CET on Thursday 28 October.

Special guests from the world of sports and music will come together to celebrate the heyday of European women’s football and enjoy live musical performances. The 16 contenders will find out who they play in the group stage, with the tournament taking place July 6-31, with 31 matches across England.

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How the draw works

England are placed in position 1 in Group A and the 15 teams involved in the draw have been ranked based on the national team coefficient rankings, for which their results in the following competitions are used: UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 (qualifying and finals), FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 (qualifying and finals), UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 (qualifying group stage).

Teams are divided into four ranking pots, with each group containing one nation from each ranking level. Pot 1 includes three teams (including the Netherlands, title holders) since England have already been allocated to position 1 in group A; in this pot, the teams are allocated to position 1 of the other groups in alphabetical order.

All other seed pots consist of four teams each, which are randomly assigned to positions 2 through 4 in each group. For this, four additional pots (pots A – D) with three balls each are used – Pot A: positions A2, A3 and A4; Pot B: positions B2, B3 and B4; Pot C: positions C2, C3 and C4; Pot D: positions D2, D3 and D4. The group positions determine the order of the matches in the group stage, as indicated in the match schedule.

Seedling pots

Placed in position 1 of group A: England (host)

Pot 1: Netherlands (holders), Germany, France

Pot 2: Sweden, Spain, Norway, Italy

Jar 3: Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria

Pot 4: Iceland, Russia, Finland, Northern Ireland

The toss begins with Pot 1 from which the teams are drawn to fill position 1 in each group: a ball is drawn and the team assigned to position 1 of Group B; a second ball is fired and the team assigned to position 1 of group C; the last ball is fired and the team assigned to position 1 of group D.

The toss continues with pot 2. A ball is thrown and the team assigned to group A. In order to determine the position of the tossed team in group A (i.e. A2, A3 or A4), a ball is drawn from pot A. A second ball is drawn from pot 2 and is assigned to group B. Again, to determine the team’s position in group B, a ball is drawn from pot B The same procedure is repeated for groups C and D consecutively until all balls from Pot 2 have been drawn and the teams positioned in each group. When Pot 2 is emptied, the draw moves to Pot 3 and then to Pot 4, using the same procedure as for Pot 2.

Download the complete provisional schedule

Who will do the draw?

Fans tuned in will see a celebrity show, co-hosted by former England international Alex Scott and BBC presenter Gabby Logan. The groups will be drawn and announced by France’s Camille Abily, five-time winner of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Germany’s Anja Mittag, three-time winner of the women’s EURO, Lotta Schelin, top scorer in Swedish history. , Kelly Smith, England’s top scorer and some current English Premier League players.


The draw will open after the end of the draw and will run until 7:00 p.m. CET on November 16

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Match venues

Brighton & Hove (Brighton & Hove Community Stadium)
London (Brentford Community Stadium & Wembley Stadium – final only)
Manchester (Manchester City Academy Stadium)
Milton Keynes (MK Stadium)
Rotherham (New York Stadium)
Sheffield (Bramall Way)
Southampton (St Mary’s Stadium)
Trafford (Old Trafford – opening game)
Wigan & Leigh (Leigh Sports Village)

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