UEFA’s Boban calls biennial World Cup plan ‘nonsense’ that ‘would hurt everyone’



of the uefa football boss Zvonimir Boban said those in the game must fight FIFA’s proposal to hold the world Cup every two years because if he succeeded it would “hurt everyone”.

FIFA hosted an online summit last month to discuss moving the World Cups from every four years to every two, which has already met strong opposition within UEFA.

Old Milan and Croatia Star Boban said the idea was “even worse than the Super League“, which was foiled earlier this year by widespread public backlash from European fans and clubs.

“Any normal person who understands and respects football, cannot accept the idea of ​​the biennial World Cup,” Boban said via Gazzetta dello Sport. “You would undo the 100-year history of the World Cup, the best competition in the world.

“Football cannot be revolutionized unilaterally without good consultation with all parties concerned and without ordering the other institutions to do something else: UEFA must organize itself euro every two years, the national league must reduce the number of teams, this and that.

“The most absurd thing, even if the clubs probably don’t realize it yet, are the two windows for international breaks. Three games in a row and one player is dead. Two games you can recover, three not. travel doesn’t hurt footballers, too many games in a row do. “

UEFA chief football officer Zvonimir Boban said a biennial World Cup would be “even worse than the Super League”.

While several UEFA officials have spoken out against the plan, Boban’s opposition is notable given his ties to the FIFA president. Gianni Infantino.

Boban worked as FIFA Deputy General Secretary from 2016 to 2019.

“It’s such an absurdity that I could never imagine it could come from a president whom I still love after working with him for three years or from a footballer like [Arsene] Wenger“He said.” It’s such a crazy idea that we really have to fight against it because it would hurt everyone. “

Boban said UEFA would never offer to hold the Euro every two years, “even if that meant more money”.

“It would be bad for the players, the leagues, the clubs as well as the attractiveness of the competitions,” he added. “It doesn’t respect anyone. It would destroy the institutions of football as well as the football pyramid that has been built through decades of work.”


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