What Advantages Do Cash Loans Offer?

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The company offers you a loan subject to credit review, which means that before approving your application your financial background will be evaluated in the system, your level of compliance in the payment of the installments corresponding to previous credits, your level of income, among other points.

Requirements to submit your credit application

Requirements to submit your credit application

To begin the process of obtaining the credit, you need to have your ID, plus a receipt for a tax or service in your name. It is also important that you are working blank, and have at least 4 years of seniority in your work.

The term of payment of the credit taken, you can select in a range of between 3 and 36 months.

The cost of financing is:

  • TNA or annual effective rate of 68.54% plus VAT

  • TEA of 94.75%

  • CFT including VAT of 99.47%.

Remember that the annual effective rate is the real cost to take for the interest rate, which determines the value of money over time. But in a personal loan of these characteristics, it is not the only cost that you have to consider, since you also have taxes, commissions and others. To consider all these values, you have to take the total financial cost, which in this case is 99.47% per year, calculated on the annual nominal rate.

If you take a loan to cancel within 3 months, with an initial capital of $ 3000, you will pay a fee composed of $ 1000 of capital to which you have to add $ 217. Interest and $ 45.66 VAT. It is a very competitive option and in accordance with the financing values ​​that can be obtained in other financial companies in our country currently.

A second option will be to request a loan for $ 6000 to be repaid within a 6 month payment period. In that case, you have a monthly fee composed of $ 1000 of capital to which you have to add $ 434.88 of interest, and $ 91.32 of VAT. The final amount of the fee will be $ 1526.20.

For credits of $ 10,000 to be repaid in a term of 12 monthly installments, you would pay $ 833.33 of capital, to which you add $ 724.79 of interest and $ 152.21 of VAT. The final value of the fee is $ 1710.33.

The requirements to apply for the credit of this company

The requirements to apply for the credit of this company

 I go ahead, are very simple, since you only need to have Argentine nationality, have a service on your behalf, work in a dependency relationship, with a seniority of at least 4 years. If you have to consult a particular point in relation to the services offered by this company, you can do so through WhatsApp to line 11 2529 0029. You can participate by the draw of tablets every month.

The maximum amount that the company allows you to apply is up to $ 45,000, but the final authorized value will depend on your income, in addition to the rest of the loans you have taken in the financial system. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you have a correct credit history, that there are no defaults, or delays in unjustified payments.

Another option to send your inquiries to the company is through the customer service line 0800 222 48 48 where the consultants of the company’s call center will give you all the answers you need before taking your credit. In this way the company accompanies you through the entire process, even before you take your first loan, so that you know all its characteristics and options.

The process of having your loan can start at the Cristal Cash website, where you are asked to enter your full name, along with your ID, email and a contact telephone number. You also have to provide an address that must then match the one you show on your proof of address, and the location where you live, as well as the data related to the company in which you work.

Consider that you have a maximum possible amount to approve depending on your credit evaluation that can be up to $ 45,000. At the time of submitting your application, as well as your background in the financial system, the maximum amount with which you can count is evaluated.

The company also has a large number of retailers, in which you can access exclusive promotions and discounts, which you can check in the blog of your website.

The mission of this company is to offer loans to its clients, with the objective that they can satisfy all their needs. For this, they have a vision based on obtaining the leadership of the Argentine credit market, as well as being a source of pride for all the people involved in their operations: their employees and clients.

If you need to take a credit, and meet all these requirements, you can approach in person to the office of the company in the city of Corrientes, or also start the process by any of the electronic channels that I mentioned.

If you want to know more about their characteristics or have advice at a particular point, remember that in this article you have a consultation section, where you can leave your question, and the advisors of our site will respond in minutes. In this way, you can compare between the options offered by the credit solutions of several leading companies in the financial market of our country, and start the contracting process from your home.