Young Chelsea fan thanks Prime Minister Paul Givan for tickets to UEFA Super Cup final


A young Chelsea football fan who received tickets to the UEFA Super Cup final last month from Prime Minister Paul Givan said thank you in person during a visit to Stormont on Monday.

Eight-year-old Reuben Walls, who suffers from a severe physical disability, saw his favorite team beat Spain’s Villarreal team after receiving tickets to the game in August.

Reuben said: “It was great to meet the Prime Minister and thank him for the tickets to the Chelsea final at Windsor Park last month. I loved seeing Stormont.

Reuben and his family met Mr Givan and received a framed copy with photographs and autographs from the Chelsea squad.

And the youngster, who was born without both lower limbs, a shortened arm and a hand missing a finger, not only had football in mind, but admitted that he might like to be a politician in the future and had three requests for Prime Minister.

“I wish there were metal straws, or bring back plastic straws, because they are better than paper, because paper straws get too soggy,” he told the DUP politician.

“There should be no more homework,” he said.

“And the third thing is that there have to be more 5G sites. The internet is too slow and has to be faster.”

Mr. Givan said it was an “absolute pleasure” to meet Reuben and his family.

He added: “He is a bright, articulate and very enthusiastic young man. Not only was he an expert on all things football, and Chelsea in particular, but he was a strong advocate for the things that make up his life. and that of his best classmates.

“Ruben’s visit today reminds us all that sometimes the big issues are really the little ones that improve our daily lives.”

Reuben’s father Stephen said: “It was nice to have the chance to meet the Prime Minister for the first time and come to Stormont where many decisions are happening that will shape Reuben and his future.

“One of the things we are all very aware of is that there are often barriers that can be removed.

“It is important that young people who have challenges in life realize that there are processes here that can help make life easier and better for them.”

He also said he had “no doubt” that his son would one day be able to work at Stormont.

Stephen added: “I have no doubt that Reuben could be a great politician, there is no doubt in his ability to speak. He has an incredible understanding of facts and figures and has a strong focus on what is important. “

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