UEFA announces major changes to the schedule for the next Champions League

The next Catar World Cup will lead to a very atypical calendar for what European football is used to. Since the maximum tournament at the level of selection contests between November and December is something that has caused “noise” among fans, but this besides ocasionará a change in the planning of local and international tournamentslike the Champions and the Europe League.

UEFA, through a press release on its web page and on social networks, formalized the dates of each stage of the Champions Leaguepointing out that the group stage will be played in less than two months. The first group parties will take place between September 6 and 7, while the last will take place the first two days of Novemberto a few weeks that the clubs must release to the summoned for the mundialista appointment.

With this on the table, will hardly have weeks without a European “crash” to complete the six days as soon as possible. Once the 16 teams are ranked eighth, there will be a stoppage of almost four months because of the Worlds, which in addition to joining the free days in winter, will also slow down the local leagues before the scheduled so that all lace between the averages .

The elimination rounds

Despúes, the eighth will restart as usual, being the party in February and the turn in March. The chambers will take place during the month of April while the semi-finals will take place in May. The grand final, which will be celebrated in Istanbul, will be almost two weeks later than usual, being scheduled for Saturday June 10 at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium.

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