Who are the UEFA Women’s EURO officials?

Who are the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 officials?

Who are the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 officials? Following the completion of UEFA’s deliberations, we are now able to reveal who will be in charge of the whistles and flags at the Women’s EURO 2022, which kicks off on July 6 this year.

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There will be a total of 12 referees overseeing the action in the 31 matches due to take place between July 6 and July 31. Each of these matches will be chaired by a different official.

The competition taking place in England is expected to be a first for the sport as a whole as it will use video assistant referees (VAR).

UEFA Women’s Euro

Jana Adamkova – Czech Republic

Iuliana Demetrescu – Romania

Cheryl Foster – Wales

Stephanie Frappart – France

Marta Huerta de Aza – Spain

Riem Hussein – Germany

Lina Lehtovaara – Finland

Ivana Martincic – Croatia

Kateryna Monzoul – Ukraine

Tess Olofsson – Sweden

Esther Staubli – Switzerland

What is a referee team?

An official team consists of a referee, two assistant referees, a fourth official and a team of two video-assisted referees (VAR). The referee acts as the head of the refereeing team.

Assistant referees

Sara Telek – Austria

Mary Blanco Bolivar – Colombia

Sanja Rodak Karsic – Croatia

Polyxeni Irodotou – Cyprus

Lucie Ratajova – Czech Republic

Sian Massey-Ellis – England

Lisa Rashid – England

Additionally, there are two support officials who can act as fourth officials or reserve assistant referees:

Ivana Projkovska (North Macedonia)

Lorraine Watson (Scotland)

VAR officials

Ella de Vries – Belgium

Chris Kavanagh – England

Guillermo Cuardo Fernandez – Spain

Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez – Spain

Benoit Millot – France

Maika Vanderstichel – France and many more.

Is this the very first time that a European Women’s Championship match has used the Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) system?

For the very first time in the annals of the European Women’s Championship, each of the matches of the final phase of the championship will use video assistant referees. This will be a first in the history of the European Women’s Championship.

Despite this, video assistant referees have been used in women’s football competitions in the past, the most notable example being the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. In this match, they will be used for the very first time in men’s football after being introduced as a new rule.

Following a decision made with the help of the video assistant referee, Argentina managed to withdraw Scotland from the competition (VAR). Scotland goalkeeper Lee Alexander has been determined to have moved out of position as he attempted to save a penalty. Alexander was playing for Scotland. The kick in question had been awarded to the team we faced in the competition.

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