Serie A table and classification: 2022 standings update for Champions League, relegation and scudetto races in Italy

With Juventus’ decade of dominance long over, Italy’s Serie A are more open than ever, and they’ve created a riveting season with drama, excitement and unpredictable twists and turns from top to bottom.

In mid-April there were still three teams with a very realistic chance of winning the Scudetto, while three other teams were battling for the Champions League places.

The two Milanese clubs, now mostly recovered from their long hibernation, are now the favorites for the title. Juventus have had a terrible start to the season but the Old Lady have since recovered and are fighting for a Champions League spot.

Here’s a comprehensive look at Italy’s top flight as they presently stand.

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Serie A Scudetto title race

The race for the 2021-22 Scudetto is one of the most exciting in recent memory. Three teams sit with a realistic chance of finishing top of the table, including the two Milan clubs that fans believe belong.

With five to six matches remaining, AC Milan reclaimed the top spot, but according to FiveThirtyEight’s prediction metric, he doesn’t have the best chance of winning the league. They would be long distance rivals InterMilanwho currently hold a 66% chance of defending last year’s crown thanks to one less game.

AC Milan, meanwhile, have a 21 per cent chance of finishing first, and Napoli are back just 12 per cent, two points adrift.

Place Team PLS generalist GD next game
1. AC Milan 71 33 +29 April 24 @ Lazio
2. InterMilan 69 32 +43 April 23 against Roma
3. Naples 66 32 +32 April 18 against Roma

Serie A Champions League race

While the dismal start to the season left Juventus out of contention for the title, the recent resurgence has given the Italian giants a big chance to secure the final Champions League qualification spot.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Juventus currently has an 82% chance of securing the last spot that goes to fourth place, while Rome is back to just six percent, both Lazio and Fiorentina with five percent, and Atalanta at four percent.

The Old Lady hasn’t missed the Champions League game since 2011, and that doesn’t seem to change this season.

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Place Team PLS generalist GD next game
1.* AC Milan 71 33 +29 April 24 @ Lazio
2.* InterMilan 69 32 +43 April 23 against Roma
3.* Naples 66 32 +32 April 18 against Roma
4.* Juventus 63 33 +21 April 25 @ Sassuolo
5. Rome 57 32 +17 April 18 @ Napoli
6. Fiorentina 56 32 +13 April 24 @ Salernitana

* = qualifies directly for the UEFA Champions League next season

European Serie A Places

In addition to the four Champions League places, there are three other European places:

  • Europa League (2): 5th or 6th place and Coppa Italia winner
  • Europa League Conference (1): 6th or 7th place

Fifth place automatically qualifies a team for the Europa League no matter what. Then, after that, different scenarios are in play.

Second place in the Europa League is reserved for the winner of the Coppa Italia. If one of the teams currently in the Champions League also wins the Coppa Italia, the Coppa Italia’s place in the Europa League would drop to sixth in the Serie A table.

Depending on whether the Coppa Italia place in the Europa League is transferred to the sixth-place team, it will determine whether the Europa Conference League place moves to sixth or seventh place.

Should AS Roma win the current edition of the Europa Conference League, it would guarantee them a place in the Europa League next season, which would further alter Europe’s Serie A places. Roma are in the semi-finals against Leicester City.

Place Team PLS generalist GD next game
4.* Juventus 63 33 +21 April 25 @ Sassuolo
5.** Rome 57 32 +17 April 18 @ Napoli
6.*** Fiorentina 56 32 +13 April 24 @ Salernitana
7. Lazio 56 33 +17 April 24 vs AC Milan
8. Atalanta 51 31 +17 April 18 against Verona
9. Sassuolo 46 33 +5 April 25 against Juventus
ten. Verona 45 32 +7 April 18 @ Atalanta

* = place in the Champions League
** = Highest possible place in the Europa League
*** = Highest possible place in the Europa Conference League

Relegation battle in Serie A

The bottom three teams in Serie A will be relegated to next season’s second division Serie B competition, and the race is on.

Last placed Salerno seems dead in the water and has a 97% chance of dropping according to FiveThirtyEight, although he still has some games in his hand.

There appear to be two teams destined to join Salernitana in the other two places, with Genoa (91% chance) and Venice (91% chance) both need a miraculous run to stay in the top division. Cagliari (13% chance) and Sampdoria (8%) are in the danger zone and a series of disastrous results could make the last few weeks jittery.

Genoa-Cagliari (April 24) and the Genoa-Sampdoria derby (May 1) consecutive weekends will play a major role in the final result. Salernitana-Venezia (April 27) and Venezia-Cagliari (May 22) on the final day are two of the other remaining matchups.

Place Team PLS generalist GD next game
11. Torino 40 32 +5 April 23 against Spezia
12. Udinese 39 31 -2 April 20 against Salernitana
13. bologna 38 32 -ten April 24 against Udinese
14. Empoli 34 33 -18 April 24 against Napoli
15. Spezia 33 33 -24 April 23 @ Torino
16. Sampdoria 29 33 -16 April 23 @ Verona
17. Cagliari 28 33 -30 April 24 @ Genoa
18.* Venice 22 32 -32 April 23 against Atalanta
19.* Genoa 22 33 -30 April 24 against Cagliari
20.* Salerno 19 31 -44 April 20 @ Udinese

* = relegated to second division Serie B

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