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Borussia Dortmund have no plans to sell Jude bellingham next summer. This sentence is as true as it is fragile – for in truth one can only make such a decision if one is confronted with the relevant circumstances.

A look into the past also shows that the BVB has handled such cases in different ways. At Erling Haaland, for example, it quickly became clear that Dortmund would not sell. A long-term contract, the $ 75 million to $ 100 million one-year release clause and Haaland’s infallible sportsmanship were the main reasons for the early decision from above.

Now you can hardly imagine with professional model Bellingham that he could afford similar escapades. Here, other criteria will be decisive for the positioning of the BVB. Is it 80, 100 or even 150 million that Manchester City or Liverpool FC will offer? What is the market for alternatives? Is Bellingham already aiming for the next jump at just 19? Can the BVB offer the prospect of Champions League football in a year?

Either way, a true prediction is difficult. At Dortmund, they’re currently – and rightly so – planning more than another year with Bellingham. However, guarantees already formulated would not be really serious in view of the past.

Source: transfermarketweb.com


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