How much will the winners earn?

Inter Milan have received their first Serie A name in 11 years and could receive €23.4m at the same time as the second located member will pocket €19.4m. Accompanied through third-party membership will receive 16.8 million. Juventus and Napoli finished fourth and fifth respectively in the Serie A factor table. Check the 2022 Italian Serie A prize distribution in 2022.

As per reports, Serie A’s prize money for the 2022/21 season has become around €1.1 billion. On the total Serie A prize pool for the 2022-2021 campaign. Half of the money is divided equally between all the clubs playing in the league. While 30% of the total money is split between the clubs based on their performance and the remaining 20% ​​is distributed to the club’s supporter base.

The peak season will have a more balanced distribution of television and La Liga primary money. The referral money and the lower ranked group may also be able to earn the best amount of money. However, the 2 giants of Real Madrid and Barcelona will pocket normal winnings.

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Prize Money Italian Serie A 2022-21

Location of club Prize money
1 €23.4 million
2 €19.4 million
3 €16.8 million
4 €14.2 million
5 €12.5 million
6 €10.9 million
7 €9.3 million
8 €8.3 million
9 €7.4 million
ten €6.3 million
11 €5.5 million
12 €5m
13 €4.6 million
14 €4.1 million
15 €3.6 million
16 €3.2 million
17 €2.8 million
18 €2.2 million
19 €1.6m
20 €0.9 million

Like other leagues, this one also has some identical proportions of cash prizes, as well as foreign place rights and old results. Golf big rigs, in Serie A, have acquired a budget based entirely on their in-form coverage.

TV rights play a vital role in golf equipment generating sales at the end of each season. 20 groups all take an identical proportion if we want to be constant and distributed among them.

Teams will even get some of the rights to the foreign location and, relying on pre-event groups, earn ancient end result cash prizes.

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