Unfiltered PST – EURO 2020 favorites, Premier League rumors



ProSoccerTalk is now on video as well as in written format, as there are plenty of opinions being issued on Premier League videos, even during the offseason when the stars have hit EURO 2020 and Copa America.

Free the beast, as they say.

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Each week, ProSoccerTalk editors Joe Prince-Wright, Andy Edwards and Nick Mendola will analyze Premier League action, preview matches and cover big football news.

Expect opinions, analysis and insights, as well as many friendly jokes along the way and maybe a beer or two from those Premier League videos…

Basically they’re having these talks on their own anyway, so we thought we’d record them and let them loose on the Premier League, USMNT and everything in between. It will be great fun and a light look at all the action in the football world every week.

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ]

With JPW based in England and heading to Premier League games and traveling to stadiums / training grounds, plus Andy and Nick based in the US we will be checking in with them regularly to get their take on to pretty much everything when it comes to professional football. Because, well, ProSoccerTalk.

Below we break down the latest news across EURO 2020

EURO 2020 quarter-finals preview: best England-Ukraine, Belgium-Italy matches

ProSoccerTalk’s Andy Edwards and Nick Mendola – as well as, we believe, with England – seemed to convince Joe Prince-Wright that his home country could well win EURO 2020, while the favorite Italy side of Nick will face his pre-tournament pick Belgium.

The favorites for EURO 2020 are England, Belgium, Italy (although, of course, the last two …)

Will the winner of Belgium-Italy stand on the podium to collect the trophy? Team captains Eden Hazard and Giorgio Chiellini hope so, but have Joe, Andy and Nick changed their minds on who will win?

Premier League news: Patrick Vieira at Palace, Rafael Benitez at Everton

Premier League news never stops, with the gentlemen discussing impending new hires at Crystal Palace and Everton as well as, presumably, Andy’s beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

And Nick says there’s a PL club whose potential nine-figure intra-league buys may be the domino to send the transfer mill churning through sales.


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