A new data partnership to change the vision of the Premier League

Real-time graphics are to be introduced to Premier League coverage after signing a new deal with Genius Sports.

The company has developed a skeletal tracking system that relays data in real time. This means that broadcasters such as Sky Sports, BT Sport and Viaplay will be able to show fans stats such as each player’s running speed and shooting speed as the game develops.

Although primarily designed for viewers, the data will also be made available to clubs as a training aid.

Genius Sports technology and its Second Spectrum technology is already installed on all Premier League grounds. It will now automatically capture sub-second position data on each player and the ball.

“Technology continues to drive how data is collected, analyzed and presented,” commented Football DataCo Managing Director Adrian Ford. “Working with Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum technology allows Football DataCo to be at the forefront of what is possible. We look forward to developing new ways to use data for our stakeholders. »

“This partnership is an important next step in demonstrating how cutting-edge data and technology can amplify fan storytelling and engagement,” said Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke. “Genius has believed deeply in this vision for many years, which is now becoming a reality in partnership with Football DataCo and the Premier League. We are extremely excited to work on solutions to improve the way the most popular league in world football is consumed by millions of passionate fans around the world.

Genius Sports also provides data on the English Football League and the Scottish Professional Football League.

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