Kim Min-jae presents impenetrable defense in UEFA Europa League: The DONG-A ILBO



Kim Min-jae, defender of the South Korean national football team currently playing for Turkish football club Fenerbahçe, showed impressive defense in his first UEFA Europa League (UEL) game.

Kim played 90 minutes in the UEL 2020-2021 Group D opener against Eintracht Frankfurt on Friday at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt. He managed to cut off the opponent’s offensive. His team were ranked No. 2 in the group after a 1-1 draw.

Kim blocked the opposing team’s players by predicting their passes and helped improve his team’s ball possession with precise forward passes. He blocked a critical shot from Djibril Sow with his body in the 23rd minute of the first half and also quickly cut Filip Kostić’s shot in a chaotic situation in front of the post in the 30th minute of the second half. Kim has an average score of 6.7 on, the highest among defensive players on his team.

“Kim Min-jae is really the monster” and “He’s the best defensive player. His confidence is on the rise,” fans tweeted on Fenerbahçe’s Twitter account, praising the South Korean footballer. Kim got it. a position as the team’s key defensive player after playing three league games consecutively and one UEL game as a starter.

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